in Extensive reading challenge, November 2014

720 minutes

(Sorry I have not been actively posting, but I have been keeping progress!)
I tend to lose focus so I used the timeboxing strategy. I am reading 那些年 because like everyone and their mother, I really liked the movie. I place a timer on the table while I read and set it for 20 minutes and I have been doing 3 sessions a day. I read a full page first, then go back and note any vocabulary that is causing me to miss out on meaning. Every week or so [as I've been reading for a month and a half], I go back and reread pages after having studied the vocabulary in Anki and see how I feel.
I did this for 12 of the days of the challenge, and besides that I will neglect any other reading I have done since it was minimal (low motivation these days).

Challenge time progress:100%
Goal progress:17.1%
Hours reported12.0