in Vocabulary challenge, June 2022

10 minutes

Reviewed characters on Skritter Web verison. I quite like writing with my trackpad and Skritter is way easier to recognize my strokes than the app I tried yesterday. Still feel progress is slow and I forget basic stuff, but it is Trad Chinese so I'll go easier on myself.

50 minutes

Read an article from Dot Chinese (a new app I'm trying) and wrote out the new characters I was unfamiliar with, practicing stroke order and grammar. It was tough to stay focused because the article was kind of boring, but I realized my characters and stroke orders are rusty so it's off to a promising start showing I have lots of work to do this month! Not a fan of the app and found some mistakes in it, so I'll continue with Skritter and Du Chinese instead.

Challenge time progress:100%
Goal progress:6.7%
Hours reported1.0