in Chinese listening challenge, January 2023

164 minutes

Adding up various other podcasts I've been listening too (French again, see my first update), mostly Français Authentique.

1920 minutes

Okay, so I know I'm violating my own recommendations here, but I've been too busy to report my listening day by day. I have, however, worked my way through the entire 128-episode archive of Le Podcast Fluidité ( The average episode is something like 15 minutes, so this is roughly 32 hours of listening.

This podcast is at a pretty good level for me. I understand almost everything in the easier episodes, but there are plenty of specific words I don't understand, but since I understand the context and the sentences in general, I can feel new vocabulary sticking as I listen. If I don't understand everything, I can usually guess. This is slightly easier and more oriented towards everyday topics than Français Authentique, which I've also cleared the entire backlog for (albeit before the start of this challenge).

I feel that my French listening ability is improving rapidly, but I'm still not in a hurry to speak much. I don't have any use for French at the moment, but I will make sure to do some one-on-one tutoring before I go to France next time. In the meantime, I'll keep listening and will also try to read a bit. I have bunch of Le Petit Nicolas books I could work my way through, for example.

70 minutes

30 min FaF
40 min 李永乐老师

110 minutes


40 minutes


40 minutes

FaF + FA

40 minutes


100 minutes

FA, also adding 40 minute of Le français avec Fluidité (henceforth FaF).

Nick: I'll check them out too! If they have podcasts, that makes it much likelier that I'll listen, but many seem to these days. I'm listening through the backlog of Le français avec Fluidité now, which was also available asa podcast (as is Français Authentique).

20 minutes

I'm going to do mostly French for this challenge. I'm working my way through a podcast called Français Authentique, as well as the Kurzgesagt videos that are available in French on YouTube. I'll write "FA" and "K:Fr" in my logs!

I love Français Authentique :) Good luck!

Yeah, it's great! If you have any other recommendations, let me know! I would like more like his Marchez avec Johan. I don't learn or remember any of the expressions he goes through, but benefit from his explanations of them anyway. I prefer when he just talks about interesting stuff!

Français avec Fluidité or InnerFrench may be interesting options for you then, they mostly talk about stuff like current affairs, history, culture... Easy French is also nice. Nota Bene is another great channel/podcast on a variety of subjects. This one may be harder depending on your level of French since it is made for native speakers and not learners, but almost all of their YouTube videos have subtitles.

Great! I tried four episodes of Le français avec Fluidité and it's great! This is perfect for my level. I understand maybe 80-90% the first listen. I'll check out the others later. Thank you for the recommendations!

No problem!

I too like Français Authentique. Other very good French YouTubers for Intermediate level French learners are InnerFrench, French Mornings with Elisa, Piece of French, Français avec Nelly, and Madame à Paname

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