in Chinese listening challenge, January 2023

13 minutes

mandarin click youtube

17 minutes

我做饭的时候,就听音乐,一点跳舞, 好玩 ,我也明白!

43 minutes

1 ep MaoMi Chinese, Chinese nightlife. A little difficult for me but I got the gist. A few episodes of Mandarin Click on youtube. The visuals really help me. A 3/4 level was a little hard for me. 1/2 were easy and I listened on 1.25 speed. Got tired/a little bored of the 1/2 topics so I finished with watching part of an episode of Handsome Siblings with Language Reactor and hiding English subtitles. Repeated lines of dialogue until I could process ; did check word meaning & used subtitles for a few whole lines of dialogue. Surprised by how many stretches of dialogue I could understand without checking subtitles or word meanings!!

I really like the MaoMi podcasts because she often repeats sentences and phrases, so if you miss the meaning the first time you can sometimes get it the second time. Also she explains vocabulary clearly and simply. I will have a look at Mandarin Click because I haven't heard of it before.

Challenge time progress:100%
Goal progress:8.1%
Hours reported1.22