in Chinese listening challenge, January 2023

260 minutes

Audiobooks, podcasts and now I found Echo and the same host from Popup Chinese on an audio book on my app called Innovative Chinese level 5 6 and 7. Great stuff for higher level students!

300 minutes

I did my audiobooks, Himalaya Podcasts, News and I got into CHESS in Chinese. I love chess and have an account on Anybody interested let's play! Here's the Chinese chess channels I watched on YOUTUBE: and here's another one VIP CHESS
as of 3:30pm
by the end of the day more podcasts and more stuff. This has been so fun!

280 minutes

More podcasts and a new Himalaya show called 最佳女婿 about a model son in law but I think he was dead! After episode 35 I would have to pay for it but I won't.

280 minutes

All the various things I've done before from audio books to podcasts to YouTube videos and TV shows. Love it!

300 minutes

More audio books and podcasts.
Also using this great video Efficient training of Chinese listening - Intermediate Level
Now I'm enjoying Comprehensible Chinese Youtube Channel.
More news podcasts and ended with old Chinese podcasts shows where I heard this old song!

180 minutes

More audiobooks, podcasts and YouTube videos. I listened to this video which was cool. "Efficient training listening intermediate Chinese"

280 minutes

Audiobooks. I started a new one since the other ones are for kids and are females voices sounding like kids. I wanted something more manly. I found the BONE COLLECTOR in Chinese on Audio book! 人骨拼图 60 minutes
The Bad Kids EP01 | 隐秘的角落 | Qin Hao 秦昊,Wang Jingchun 王景春,Rong Zishan 荣梓杉 | iQiyi 76 minutes
All afternoon listened to podcasts and audiobooks.
30 minutes watching春晚.

290 minutes

More podcasts. More audiobooks. More videos and more 春晚。

270 minutes

Podcasts and audiobooks.
Also we saw part of the 春晚 from Chinese new year.

140 minutes

lots of new podcasts 1 hour and audio books 1 hour
I found a new podcast on Stitcher called 夜话情感 Yè huà qínggǎn "Night talk Emotion?"
I will also add about 20 minutes since I attended a big Chinese New Year Extravaganza event tonight for a couple hours. But a lot was in English though many of the events and people were speaking Chinese.

189 minutes

Audiobooks listed before.
Podcasts all listed before.
My kids and I watched 30 minutes of an episode of 爸爸去哪儿?

240 minutes

Yale stay at home Dad Audio book and a new one called 小水的除夕 by 祁智
Also another long Mandarin Corner video. AMAZING JOB! Chinese Girl Talks About Marrying a Foreigner in China - Intermediate Chinese - Chinese Conversation
Chinese Convo Club podcast
Mandarin from the ground up, a Taiwan accented podcast.
Another hour of Chinese podcast and listening stuff on YouTube music and stitcher.

160 minutes

30 minutes Early AM I listened to my audio book. before 9am
30 minutes Speak Chinese Naturally 自然而然说中文 podcast. 10am
More during lunch.
Found Another great you tube video channel called Mandarin corner.
More podcasts and audiobooks and finally finished with an old Chinese pod upper intermediate with John Pasden of YOU CAN LEARN CHINESE Podcast.
It dawns on me that listening month is easy..... can I rack up this many hours for writing or speaking? Sadly no.

Mandarin Corner is an excellent website and YouTube channel!

120 minutes

I listened to so many things today.
Podcasts, audio books, a show called 民主沙龙 Democratic Salon, I even listened to really old POP UP Chinese podcasts from like 10 years ago I had saved and hadn't listened to. WOW. I did more Comprehesible input CHinese the Youtube channel. I have my stop watch going all day and stopping it when I stop and going when I start listening again.

120 minutes

Early AM Audio book 8 minutes
Early AM Himalaya App 22 minutes
8am No.16 雾在哪里 [第19课] "Where is the fog?" 二年级语文上册 Chinese Language Arts + 部首 声旁 多音字 词
Daily Zhongwen
Lunch break I watched and listened to 7 minutes New year resolutions, not so new... | Comprehensible Input Chinese Great video where she talks simply and clearly and slowly.
Honestly, I did a ton of things around the house listening more and more of Comprehensible Input CHinese. LOVE THAT CHANNEL!!! 60 more minutes!

90 minutes

Tons more listening to Himalaya app, podcast and audio book
Also listened to and found a Shanghai radio station.

49 minutes

1.15 Podcast listening 听故事学中文

60 minutes

1 hour Chinese audio book

50 minutes

耶鲁奶爸:唱学唐诗 audiobook 40 minutes
Learn Chinese Through Stories podcast 10 minutes

50 minutes

early AM Audio book 10 minutes
on the way to work 10 minutes Chinese podcast on Stitcher
D Block and E block 30 minutes listening to podcast on Stitcher 听中文故事:北方人和南方人之间的错解

47 minutes

Early morning 14 minutes Audio book
8am 12 minutes podcast Da Peng.
11am 11 minutes Youtube video A Thief Stole My Stuff | Chinese Listening Practice | Conversation | New HSK 2
2:30pm 10 minutes Interview with YuJa Wang a new Chinese Concert Pianist I've never heard of before. Amazing how she plays the piano.

56 minutes

6:15am 10 minutes audio book
8:30am 20 minutes Learning Chinese through stories podcast
11:14am 14 minutes Learning Chinese through stories podcast
3pm 12 minutes《笑吧!皮奥莱维奇》cut:铁男扬凡滑稽掉凳爆梗!

Challenge time progress:100%
Goal progress:105.9%
Hours reported63.51