in Chinese listening challenge, January 2023

80 minutes

2 episodes of 三体
... a loong way to go to understand without subtitles.

50 minutes

Listening to podcasts

45 minutes

One episode of 君子盟.

70 minutes

One episode of 三体 and some podcasts.

90 minutes

Listening to podcasts

120 minutes

I forgot to add yesterday's progress. It was mostly Maomi Chinese while going from one place to another... there are so very few of them left :) I've tried some other podcasts, but they were nowhere as comfortable, especially while bring in some rather noisy places.

90 minutes

Watched 2 episodes of 变成你的那一天. It's way over my level, so the subtitles are a must, but I try to focus on what's spoken. When they don't speak super fast, 我明白大概的意思。

60 minutes

Listening to Maomi Chinese podcast while going for a walk

180 minutes

Forgot to log yesterday's listening, so adding it now. More podcasts (TeaTime Chinese and Maomi).
Also watched a part of 茶馆 (Teahouse) the movie from 1982 - way over my level, but I could discern some of what was being said.

125 minutes

Went for a very long walk in the evening. Tried some podcasts and then settled for several Maomi Chinese episodes. Among them, some interviews with some people sharing their experiences learning Chinese... in Chinese... at normal speed... and I understood most of it. 这真的让我吃惊!

160 minutes

More TeaTime Chinese on Spotify. I plan to go through some of the episodes again following the transcript too as there were some unknown words.

240 minutes

Lots of walking and waiting today... so I grabbed good ol' Spotify and went through some TeaTime Chinese episodes. I was quite surprised to discover I understood even without the transcript. 真的利害! I even took a longer route one time, just to finish the episode ;)

60 minutes
254 minutes

Finished most of the Comprehensive Chinese episodes - and also learned the totally unexpected $打飞机 。^‿^。 Also tried some of the other recommendations - TeaTime Chinese shows promise :)

180 minutes

Went through some of the videos from the channels in the resource list. The Comprehensible Chinese channel is indeed very engaging (at least the ones for intermediate level that I watched so far). I'm HSK 4-ish (but nowhere near that when it comes to listening and speaking) and I could follow the videos very relaxed - I mean without the vexation one gets trying to watch a movie. It's perfect that they also have subtitles in Chinese, so it's easy to check that you understood right. There were a few times when I had to run to the dictionary, but even that wasn't really required to get an understanding of what was said. The speed is also just right (for me) not boringly slow and not stressingly fast.

加油!Where can I find the resource list?

She is great, isn't she? I've found out about Comprehensible Chinese (and some other TPRS-focused channels) quite early in my Mandarin journey, the videos helped my comprehension tremendously at a time that I really struggled to understand anything.

It's the list that is included in the article for the January 2023 listening challenge ( Indeed she is great. I ended up spending more time than I planned. (^_^)

@rand Thank you! I'll check it out :)

Challenge time progress:100%
Goal progress:100.2%
Hours reported30.06