in Chinese listening challenge, May 2023

415 minutes

Mostly passive listening and 漫长的季节 episode 3.

500 minutes

(180) passive: radio and 声东击西 podcast
(260) active: conversations with Chinese friends + (60) rewatching first episode of 漫长的季节 for vocabulary practice.

360 minutes

(230) background /passive listening
(130) active: Watched a brand new series on Tencent: 漫长的季节 (Episodes 1 and 2)

300 minutes

A bit of everything today. Focused on very short listening material providing a transcript to actively do some vocabulary work, such as Du Chinese.

800 minutes

Mix of background/passive/active: audiobook, podcast, textbook, but mostly spending the weekend at Chinese friends' place.

500 minutes

A mix of radio and cctv-9 documentaries in the background.
JTTW episode 7 as passive listening.

420 minutes

More or less the same as yesterday + watched the movie 忠犬八公, and listened to the new podcast episodes of Learn Taiwanese Mandarin and MaoMi Chinese.

410 minutes

Background (280): RTI and 北京交通广播 radio.
passive: (130) watched some documentaries on CCTV-9.

500 minutes

Mostly passive listening + talks with language partners.

450 minutes

Background: (180) RTI, 北京新闻广播 for radio. Listened to 任素汐and a relatively new band I like: 甜約翰 / Sweet John
Passive / Active (270): Finished LittleFox 西游记 episodes + voc / sum-ups.

670 minutes

Background (40): radio RTI and Beijing News
Passive (170): Imagin8 audiobook JTTW 5-6, Du Chinese and RTI radio programme "Tech on Toast".
Active (60) Littlefox 西游记 episodes 93-100
The remaining 400 minutes are for the day spent at Chinese friends' place.

Just curious. Where do you live? In China? Great job!

465 minutes

Background: (240) RTI radio
Passive: (70): audiobook Journey to the west 4+ beginning of 5
Active: (155): went to the theatre for a great stage play by the Italian writer Dario Fo , directed by 孟京辉.

350 minutes

Background: Mostly RTI and 北京新闻 radio (220)
Passive: (30) an episode of 故事FM
Movie: (100) 浮城谜事 / Mystery (by 娄烨, 2012). Filmed in Chongqing.

350 minutes

Background(180): radio + 西游记 episodes 87-102
Passive (170):
西游记 audiobook episode 3
movie: 不止不休 by 王晶 in 2020 - Great movie about the consequences of Hepatitis on Beijingers, set in 2003-4.

150 minutes

Background: (20)
Passive: (120) Tea Time Chinese podcast, LittleFox 西游记 episodes 75-83
Active (10): daily sum-up of episodes

535 minutes

Background: (240) switched between RTI and CCTV9
Passive: (280) LittleFox 西游记 (episodes 38 to 75) vocabulary work and shadowing, hence loads of repetition.
Active (15) : sum-up of a few episodes

150 minutes

Passive: (135) audiobook JTTW3 and 4 + LittleFox 西游记 episodes 29-37
Active: (15) correction of sum-ups with language partner.

280 minutes

Background (175): Radio and CCTV9 documentary channel. I especially like watching the series 《动物世界》because of the voice of the main host (赵忠祥).
Passive: (90) audiobook JTTW2 + LittleFox 西游记 episodes 24-28
Active: (15) another episode's sum-up

265 minutes

Background listening: (135)
I downloaded a radio app called 蜻蜓FM 。I also often use a website/app called Radio Garden, on which you choose a radio station according to geographical location (you basically navigate on a map, really fun).
Passive: (100)
LittleFox 西游记 episodes 16-23
Started JTTW on Youtube.
Active: (30)
Same as usual, listening for sum-up writing. Doing a bit of transcription for a change, and 'listening' to my language partner's correction so as to rewrite a better version.

More great suggestions! I'm already on JTTW episode 10. Good stuff. I might adapt that for my classes! Thanks!

390 minutes

Background listening: 4 hours
Passive listening: 1h30
- podcasts: LCTS (episode about period drama - play/pause for vocab pick-up) + "5 minutes Chinese" podcast (listened a few times to pick up vocabulary but no time for a transcription exercise)
- Little Fox: 西游记 episodes 11-16
Active listening: 1h
- Little Fox again. Went back a few episodes to pick up some vocab and do at least a one or two sentences sum-up of each episode. I only pick up one out of 5 that I study in depth (vocab pick up first, writing a sum-up, listening again, correcting some sentences etc.).
--> checked on Dae's resource ( Journey to the West audiobook on Youtube) and discovered it is mostly based on HSK4+ vocabulary, which makes it easier than Little Fox, and better in terms of quantity as it is quite long. The narrator's voice is great too in my opinion. Here's the link of the channel, they do have other content:

Exciting to see you checking out what I'm using! You can also go to their website ( and download the audiobooks for offline listening (this is what I do). They start at HSK3 vocab in the first book, and progress through the series!

315 minutes

Background listening: 4 hours (I do not really have a choice there)
Passive listening: 1h
- podcasts: 声音击洗 (at 0,75 speed, and still difficult) + "5 minutes Chinese" podcast (just discovered. There's a list of difficult words at the end, very handy).
- Little Fox: 西游记 episodes 5-10
Active listening: 15mns (sum-up of the episodes above)

220 minutes

--> The whole point of the challenge for me is trying to go through the 108 animated episodes of 西游记/Journey to the West, on the website LittleFox Chinese. Each episode is 5 to 6 minutes long, and I intend to watch about 5/6 per day and sum-up one as active practice. By the way, the website owners have stopped releasing new content, but it's still available to download for free (mp3, audiobook, vocabulary list, transcript and translation in English).

30 mns: passive listening + 10 minutes active listening (西游记)
3h background listening - part of it was the podcast 聊聊东西 / Talk to me in Chinese。

Great suggestions. I'll try to find the西游记!

Challenge time progress:100%
Goal progress:104.7%
Hours reported146.58