in Chinese listening challenge, September 2023

120 minutes

I finished The Hobbit. It's still 9 a.m., so theoretically, I can listen a lot more. However, I have reached my goal of 100 hours and just finished the audiobook, so I might catch up on some English and French podcasts I've neglected throughout the challenge. I might listen to the extra parts in 世界之眼 that have been released since the challenge started, but we'll see!

360 minutes

The Hobbit up to 12:15 + some Valorant.

330 minutes

Hobbit up to 06:45 + Valorant. It looks like I will get to 100 before the end of the challenge, with only 7 hours left and two full days to do it in. I have a bit more than 7 hours left in Th Hobbit, so that's a good goal!

370 minutes

Finished The Fall of Hyperion + some Valorant. Not sure what audiobook to continue with, but might pick something a bit less complex, maybe The Hobbit or something.

Update: Started The Hobbit, got to part 8 (02:30). This is so much easier than Hyperion!

Where are you finding the Hobbit in Chinese? Post a link?

It's the same guy who recorded all the other books I've been listening to. If you send me an email, I can share it somewhat more effectively, but you can find his channel here:

310 minutes

Fall of Hyperion up to part 24 + some Valorant

330 minutes

Fall of Hyperion, up to part 20 (20 min), some Valorant

220 minutes

Fall of Hyperion, up to part 16. Some LYLLS.

420 minutes

Fall of Hyperion, up to part 12, (some re- listening).

420 minutes

Fall of hyperion up to part 7, 15 mim. Also some LYLLS. Let's see if I can get to 100 hours!

340 minutes

Finished Hyperion!

280 minutes

Hyperion up to part 15 (40 min)

230 minutes

Hyperion (up to 30 min, part 11) and some LYLLS.

230 minutes

Hyperion + two 季永乐老师

270 minutes

Started listening to Hyperion. This book is much, much harder to follow than New Spring. It requires me to focus to a degree, meaning I can't listen while engaged in activities that usually work well with audiobooks. I have considered two solutions: 1) choose a different book and 2) listen to some parts more than once. I think I'll stick to 2) for now. Another problem (which I haven't run into yet) is that the book consists of several smaller, but somewhat self-contained stories. This means that each new story requires increased focus, which is unsuitable for prolonged listening in parallel with other activities.

200 minutes

Finished 新春. Not sure what to listen to next. The same guy who recorded this novel has a bunch of recordings of other science fiction and fantasy novels on his Bilibili page, most of which I have read in English at some point. I'll browse through to see what he has and if anything might be interesting to listen to in Chinese (in case I read it a long time ago) or if there's something new that would be okay to listen to in Chinese. I should have prepared better for this challenge, but I don't feel like spending hours deciding on the next audiobook, then trying to get hold of it, tec.. I'll clear some podcasts in English and this week's edition of The Economist and pick up this challenge again tomorrow.

240 minutes


290 minutes


310 minutes

Finished all available episodes of 世界之眼. Will update later with 新春 progress.

Update: 3h30m into 新春


260 minutes

More 世界之眼. I have tried to find the rest of the book elsewhere, but can't find it. I don't even know if there is a complete version in Chinese! However, I did find that the same narrator has already uploaded what seems to be a complete version of New Spring (新春), so I'll go for that. I'm now on episode 17 out of 19 in The Eye of the World, and I think at least half the book has yet to be recorded, maybe more. The audio book in English is 30 hours long!

430 minutes

Not every day I'm able to listen more than seven hours! This is of course while doing other things. Unfortunately, I realised that the audiobook I'm listening to is a work in progress and only covers maybe half of the full book at the moment. I have another six hours left, so need to find something else tomorrow.

100 minutes

This challenge, I'll try to get as far as possible into The Wheel of Time by Robert Jordan. I read the first six or seven books in high school, then read the first four in Chinese ten years ago, but never finished the series. Now I found an audio recording of the Chinese translation on Bilibili and will give it a try:

Challenge time progress:100%
Goal progress:101.0%
Hours reported101.01