in Chinese listening challenge, January 2024

180 minutes

Day 22 (done):
魔戒 up to 58:00 (180 min). I consider myself done, as listening through the appendices is madness. I mean, listening to all the names of all the kings of Númenor transcribed to Chinese might work well for meditation purposes, but I don't think it qualifies as meaning-focused input. :P

Some final thoughts: Almost 146 hours in one challenge is not bad! I thought 100 was pushing it last time, but I did work more at home and had more activities in general that could be combined with listening. I had less teaching, for example, as this was partly between semesters. This just goes to show that if you study full time (as in if this is the only thing you care about), you could average this per day, long-term. It would be interesting to see how a "normal" student would fare if they did a standard approach, but also added 40 hours of listening per week. Naturally, this would be hard for beginners, because it's a) not as relaxing as it is for me and b) very hard to find beginner-friendly material to cover this much listening.

540 minutes

Day 21:
魔戒 up to 55:00 (540 min). This will probably work! "Only" six hours left.

Okay, I forgot that the appendices are so long in LotR, so finishing the actual story is far from the end of the book. I like the rest of Toklien's work considerably more than I like LotR, so this is not a problem, I just forgot how long this bit is. The only issue with listening to this is that there are so many names that only sometimes make sense in Chinese, and this is given that I have already read The Silmarillion, Unfinished Tales and most of The History of Middle-Earth. I know it doesn't help to whine about it, but some names are completely unrecognisable. I discussed this in a podcast episode/article here:

600 minutes

Day 20:
魔戒 up to 46:00 (600 min). This will be tough! I need to do at least eight hours per day for the two remaining days. It's possible because I will likely have lots of time in transit, running, walking and things like that, but it will still be tough!

Where do you listen to the Lord of the rings in Chinese? Email me!

Thanks a lot!

510 minutes

Day 19:
魔戒 up to 36:00 (510 min). I'll try to finish the trilogy before the challenge ends! I did lots of things that could be combined with listening today, and even if I won't have that much time in the coming week, it should be possible to finish.

390 minutes

Day 18:
魔戒 up to 27:30 (390 min). I'm tempted to try to finish the trilogy before the end of the challenge, but that will be... challenging!

450 minutes

Day 17:
魔戒 up to 20:30 (450 min)

200 minutes

Day 16:
魔戒 up to 12:30 (200 min)

Congrats on completing your 100 hour goal with 5 days yet to go! 恭喜恭喜🎉

Thanks! I'm a bit surprised myself, actually, but I think it's because I had some trouble sleeping earlier this month and ended up listening a few extra hours per night.

320 minutes

Day 15:
魔戒 up to 9:20 (320 min)

480 minutes

Day 14:
半拿铁 one episode, 100 min
铥铥科幻电波 two episodes, 100 min
李永乐老师 two videos, 40 min
I also got started with Lord of the Rings, read by the same guy who has narrated most of the other audiobooks I've mentioned. 240 min.

370 minutes

Day 13:
Harry Potter to the end 8:10 (150 min). I remember more clearly now why I never really liked these books, so won't continue with the series.
Found a sci-fi podcast and listened to a few episodes 铥铥科幻电波 (200 min)

Can discuss but curious why you don’t like? Thx!

It's mostly that I don't like the plot. It's extremely slow in later books, full of deus ex machinas, and lots of things are created just to fit a specific scene (spells, magic items, etc.). I also find the school-year focus repetitive. I did like the first book when I read it the first time, though!

Got it..makes sense..I liked first few much more than later books.

300 minutes

Day 12.
Harry Potter up to 5:40 (300 minutes)

Could you share the platform or app on which you listen to Harry Potter in Chinese?? I'm super interested.

I just searched YT! The one I found was bad, though (I wrote about it somewhere here), so I don't recommend it. If you check with Warren (participating in this challenge), he might have found a better one!

Alright, thanks :)

370 minutes

Day 11:
大猎捕 up to 3:40 (220 min), which is all there is at the moment, so I'll need to return to this later
半拿铁, one episode, 110 min)
Started listening to a Harry Potter audiobook that I didn't like. I don't need super professional production quality, but when the narrator doesn't even reread sentences he gets wrong, it's annoying. I'm sticking with it for a while, though, as I don't feel like finding a better version right now. Up to 0:40 so far, (40 minutes).

380 minutes

Day 10:
半拿铁, 3 episodes, 350 min
Checking out some audiobooks on YT, 30 min

420 minutes

Day 9:
世界之眼 up to the end at 36:15 (375 min) + about 45 minutes relistening

270 minutes

Day 8:
世界之眼 up to 30:00 (240 min) + about 30 minutes relistening

300 minutes

Day 7:
世界之眼 up to 26:00 (330 min) + about 60 minutes relistening

460 minutes

Day 6:
随便聪明, two episodes (130 min)
世界之眼 up to 22:00 (330 min)

630 minutes

Day 5:
声动早咖啡, six episodes (90 min)
世界之眼 up to 16:30 (540 min)
Not a typo! I couldn't sleep, so apart from the hours of listening I got throughout the day, I also clocked in an extra five or so during the night.

480 minutes

Day 4:
不合时宜, two episodes (180 min)
世界之眼 up to 07:30 (240 min)
Some live content about Taiwan's elections

380 minutes

Day 3:
大叔中文, various episodes
世界之眼 up to 03:30 (120 min)
Some live content about Taiwan's elections

280 minutes

Day 2:
不明白播客, episodes 16, 41, 59, 77
世界之眼 up to 01:30 (50 min)

430 minutes

Since this is the first log, I'll explain what I'm doing here. My goal is 100 hours, preferably 102 to beat my record from the September 2023 challenge. I will go through a list of podcasts that people have recommended. If you have a recommendation, let me know! All levels are interesting, as part of my goal is to find better recommendations for everyone, not just listen for my own sake. I will name the podcasts I listen to so they are easy to find.

In addition to this, the narrator on Bilibili who records The Wheel of Time has now finished the prequel and the first novel (世界之眼). I listened to the prequel and about half of the first novel last time before I realised he hadn't recorded the whole novel yet, but he has now, so I'll start from the beginning and intend to finish the book. The first part is here in case anyone is interested:

Day 1:
疲惫娇娃 CyberPink, episodes 1, 23, 31, 32, 33
世界之眼 up to 0:40
Some 李永乐老师

Challenge time progress:100%
Goal progress:142.8%
Hours reported145.67