in Extensive reading challenge, April 2015

60 minutes

I was on a something like a 27 or 29 hour train ride back to Beijing. Surprisingly only read for one hour....

300 minutes

I read... a lot. I was on a 19 hour train ride so not much to do. (this was on the 18th but it wont allow me to input it. I was on vacation so no time to add this.. hope its okay)

126 minutes

I'm embarrassed to admit that despite how many times I come across the word for morgue, I STILL forget it. I read the characters and I know it's morgue but I forget the pronunciation. *argh*

104 minutes

Same old book to read. This was a bit hard because I'm so hopped up on meds now, but I managed the one hour, plus four extra minutes :D

44 minutes

Same book, new case :)

106 minutes

Just finished another case file :) Gotta say I'm liking the short stories. Short enough to keep my attention span..

50 minutes

I read a bit more before class started. Now.. I think I'm a bit addicted...

72 minutes

Just read a good chunk. I have class late today so not much to do until then.

60 minutes

I lost track after an hour because I kept getting distracted by 1) mosquito terrorizing me 2) wechat pings 3) hunger...

30 minutes

I read a bit more from my book before going to bed since my roommate was still up. :D Maybe I should make a habit of reading before bed? I feel like I read a lot quicker..

102 minutes

Read half of the second chapter/case :) Very fun. I like this book, it's not too hard and not too easy, just about my level. Plus I love learning new words.

P.S I love seeing another beagle baby picture :D 所羅門 I'm talking to you, what a cutie you have there ^__^

42 minutes

I read about 紫砂壶.

133 minutes

Went back to read more. It's polluted out so nothing to do, plus I quite enjoyed the story :) Wanted to see how it ended.

60 minutes

Flipped through my comic for a bit before deciding I should tackle my book book! So I started to read 《无声的证词》。I don't usually read the letter writing page but decided to and everything about the cover to get a feel for it. Turns out this is the second book, but no worries because this book is those medical-crime dramas, with each chapter covering a separate case. I realize I read really slow and get distracted very easily but overall I enjoyed sitting down and reading something non textbooky. The writing is fun and what I expect in a nice medical-crime drama :D

62 minutes

To get myself ready for this challenge I went the library and picked up some new books. Today I read a comic called "第一次一个人旅行“ perhaps to inspire me to go traveling by myself? :D The other books I bought were Chinese version of The Walking Dead, and a compendium of short horror stories... at least I think.. it's massive and horrifying but I wanted to have one challenging book.

Challenge time progress:100%
Goal progress:112.6%
Hours reported22.51