in Extensive listening challenge, March 2015

60 minutes

Watched an episode of Cruel Romance (a back episode) :) Also listened to some slow-chinese

52 minutes

I decided to listen to slow chinese :) It's been a while

90 minutes

Watched two episodes of Cruel Romance. The series is over but I'm trying to fill the gaps in the episodes that I missed. I watched 12 and 13 :)

60 minutes

Listened to Chinese music.. I like it but whenever I finish I always feel like I have to put on STP or other 90s alternative/grunge bands to cleanse my brain.

18 minutes

listening to some audiobooks

70 minutes


60 minutes

eeeeeeeek. only about two more eps left of my favorite drama. When the series ends i'll rewatch from the start so I can see the eps I've missed (probably more than I've actually watched)

80 minutes

Watched an episode of Cruel Romance (I'm so behind and the series is almost done... it's getting so good now D:) Plus listened to some Taiwanese music. :)

60 minutes

Watched some weird Chinese game show

5 minutes

I missed my favorite drama >__> I kept thinking it would play and waited five minutes before I realized it wasn't playing *sobs*

40 minutes

Listening to 二手玫瑰

440 minutes

Forgot to pay for internet, then couldn't get it to work until later. So I watched tv lol.

180 minutes

More Cruel Romance :D

50 minutes

Not much listening today, just watched an episode of Cruel Romance.

410 minutes

Too much TV today for me... I watched two episodes of Cruel Romance plus a new episode tonight, then about three hours of random tv. I watched a health program for a while and found out how to tell if honey is fake or real.

280 minutes

So in love with this drama, Cruel Romance. I watched more episodes than I'm proud to admit...

360 minutes

More Dramas. At first I thought it was ridiculously funny but the more I listen the more I'm amazed how many 熟语 are popping up. Yesterday I caught the end of a cute movie about a guy who was always messing with the girl who liked him, (pretending to be blind, then pretending to get married) and she was always this stoic no-nonsense girl. I realize I really like older Chinese movies because they have more of a tang and aren't trying to be korean-drama impersonators. I think this movie was in the late 90s but still... old enough to show a difference. I also got hooked into this tv show about these celebrities at a zoo who are learning how to take care of them and help with training. I love animals so its cute to watch but also really sad because Zoos make me really depressed.

120 minutes
300 minutes

Watched another unhealthy dose of dramas today. Smile Mom (Chinese dubbed), then a new show called Girls don't cry, and then an hour of my favorite kids cartoon, 大头儿子, 小头爸爸. I planned on watching my favorite new drama, Cruel Romance but got side tracked.

120 minutes

Two hours of horrible dramas... I love it :)

Challenge time progress:100%
Goal progress:119.0%
Hours reported47.58