in Extensive listening challenge, March 2015

1020 minutes

My very first 17 hour day of listening. To be honest, I felt like it was a bit overwhelming, especially since I plan on doing a lot more of those in the months to come... oh boy. In any case, I broke 1000 minutes for the first time! yay!

breakdown: 11 hours at work (whoa) and then 6 hours during sleep .

60 minutes

Forgot about some extra listening I did, and I'm polishing it off right now. I'm feeling a bit better I guess?

450 minutes

Just 2 freaking hours today at home... I feel kinda low about that. But I did get an hour more of audio recorded, so my sleeping from now on will increase to 5.5 hours yay!

555 minutes

9.5 hours... I'm not doing as much as I can on the weekdays, probably because I'm trying to record for my LP channel as well as sentence mine some episodes. Then there's the whole leisure activity thing.

810 minutes

13.5 hours... 9 at work, and 4.5 during sleep. I wanted to go for my first 18 hour day, but I didn't feel like resetting the playlist midsleep so... there we go.

870 minutes

9 hours at work, 1 hour at home, 4.5 hours during sleep

987 minutes

10.5 hours at work and on the bus as well as some finishing up at home, going to do 6 hours during sleep tonight. I'm hitting the roof of what can be done, though.

550 minutes

This is from on the way to work and at work and a bit a home

275 minutes

Another sleeping session... I can fit more, I just don't have more to fit at the moment.

275 minutes

This is from when I slept on Sunday night, 4 hours, 35 minutes worth.

180 minutes

Just 3 hours while playing Borderlands 2, I plan to do more during sleep tonight as well as some during transcribing tomorrow.

Amazing that I actually listen less on the weekend... huh.

390 minutes

I hate doing this, but I'm going to report time I *plan* to do tonight, and I know for sure I'll do. I'm going to sleep to 4 hours of listening, and the other 150 minutes? I did that since the earlier listening :D

247 minutes

3 hours while playing, 1 hour 7 minutes recording, it's a good life so far. I want to do 5 hours while sleeping tonight, but... I don't want to report that yet?

495 minutes

8.25 hours... 8 hours at work, 15 minutes at home. I can't wait to start doing 16 hours+ per day.

540 minutes

9 hours at work/bus... same as usual. I can't wait to start sleeping to this though.

600 minutes

9.25 hours at work or on the way to work, 0.75 hours at home... I would have done more, but... I guess I just can't manage time that well. Or maybe I can. I don't know.

I'm going for 10,000 hours, ultimately.

456 minutes

2.6 hours on the bus, 5 hours at work, quite a good day. I had a thought on how to get more hours in every day. Perhaps recording audio on to CDs and playing it in the car (headphones are illegal to wear while driving in Colorado) would give me 30 more minutes from the car alone. If I get some comfortable earbud like things to sleep in, that's 8 hours more per DAY, that would be teh greatz. I'm thinking about getting the Shure SE215-K for like, $100, but if it's comfortable to sleep in, it'd be soooo worth it.

90 minutes

Just did some listening at home, not much but find what I can.

480 minutes

7.5 hours today, 30 more minutes yesterday after the report. I did 5 hours at work, and 2.5 hours on the bus/walk to work or to home. Went well, but I want new material, honestly.

180 minutes

Not as much as I'd have liked, I did 1 hour while playing Isaac, 2 while watching Dark Souls. Whatevs, it should be fine. I'd have like to have prepped 10 episodes (2 hours) but... well, I didn't get to it.

300 minutes

2 hours while playing dark souls (different audio than the game), 3 hours while playing borderlands 2 (again, different audio than the game). I think it went well, I am definitely getting used to this.

612 minutes

2 hours on the bus, 6 hours at work, 2.2 hours at home, very nice. Keep it up, Dian, you're encouraging me.

380 minutes

2 hours on the bus, 4.2 hours at work

360 minutes

2 hours on the bus (1 hour going to work, 1 hour coming back) 4 hours in my bed. Listening to a show I find interesting. It went alright, fell asleep a bit though.

360 minutes

2 hours on the bus (1 hour going to work, 1 hour coming back) 4 hours in my bed. Listening to a show I find interesting. It went alright, fell asleep a bit though.

360 minutes

2 hours on the bus, 4 hours at work this time, like a bawss. Listening to shows I'm interested in and doing fine.

Challenge time progress:100%
Goal progress:282.9%
Hours reported198.03