in Extensive listening challenge, June 2015

25 minutes
46 minutes
27 minutes

Next part. Harder to understand, quite a bit of action that I had a rough time following.

20 minutes

Continuing with drama.
There is some oddness going on with Lu Ya. Yi Liang seems cool. I am concerned about where this is going to go.

76 minutes

Caught up on all my podcasts. Felt bad, then great, then okay. Listening comprehension has definitely been improved. Almost ready for more audio drama.

15 minutes
21 minutes

Podcast episode about "How we became a 100-year-old company" focused on Budweiser. Chock full of helpful manufacturing terms.

54 minutes

Episode 178 of 新闻酸菜馆. Really interesting interview, I followed along for the entirety and am left understanding more about being a male nurse and feeling great about my listening ability!

17 minutes
15 minutes
38 minutes

Part 5 and a bit of 6. Felt fairly comfortable. Grabbed around 5 new vocabulary words from 38 minutes of listening - so that's a good sign...right?

26 minutes

人性禁岛 4. Another good section. Around 75% comprehension, with total understanding of the plot and character development. Only issue was the crying baby sound effect. Overused like crazy - someone calm that baby down.

14 minutes

iMandarin Pod lesson. Extremely easy.

30 minutes

Part 2 and a bit of part 3 of 人性禁岛. Understood dramatically less. Maybe 40%, but could follow the general plotline (I believe). Trying to figure out a better way of doing this rather than just plowing through. Probably just going to plow through.

18 minutes

Finished part 3. Followed along a lot better, managed to identify a few key words, but overall the plot getting very very "small" helped my overall comprehension. Need to figure out what went wrong with part 2.

15 minutes

青春愛消遣, the most recent episode. This was honestly difficult for me to follow, perhaps because I had never heard of the movies I was meant to be guessing, meaning I couldn't really play the 'game' but rather just listen along.

23 minutes

Listened to first part of 人性禁岛 radio drama. Understood about 60%. Think I can continue but who knows.

60 minutes

酸菜馆 + Financial podcast.
Listened to entirety of former and a bit of the latter - boring material in the latter that couldn't keep me interested. It was a basic introduction to the stock market for first-time Chinese investors, which was material I know well in English and outside picking up a few new vocabulary words it was just too basic.

Challenge time progress:100%
Goal progress:59.9%
Hours reported8.99