in Listening challenge, February 2016

150 minutes

Had a solid day of speaking the whole day which I accumlated to at least 2 hours in all of listening.
Watched the last half hour of 世界青年说 when I got home last night.

300 minutes

Coversation with work colleagues and my girlfriend, each with a solid of hour of listening each. As mentioned in previous logs, out of 4 hours of coversation I calculate a solid hour of listening because during those hours I speak a fair bit. I also watched a TV show called 最大强脑精华版 which had two guys having a competetion about who could solve the most 魔方 in the fastest time. Fair few words I actually didn't know so stuck them into a pleco and make some flashcards.

135 minutes


480 minutes

Every day since the start of this Challenge, I have been speaking and listening in chinese for at least 8 hours a day. 3 hours at work and 5 hours out of work. I've accumlated this to at least a solid hour of listening per day that doesn't include the topics I'm familar with. So, roughly an hour a day of topics I don't know well.

180 minutes

Various chinese tv shows, 世界青年说, one about 情侣 and another about 减肥

60 minutes

Watched a Chinese Show about love and romance, pretty dull and boring but nonetheless had some vocab I hadn't come across before :)

120 minutes
120 minutes

Chinese tv and a movie

Challenge time progress:100.0%
Goal progress:135.5%
Hours reported25.75