in Translation challenge, September 2016

30 minutes

Did a quick translation of news in easy German. This time I tried not to be as accurate as possible, but to look up words as little as possible. This way I could translate much faster (but not necessarily better). I realized that I do not completely translate from German to Chinese, because I only use English-Chinese dictionaries. If I don't know a word in Chinese, I first have to think of the English word and then look it up. Maybe I try to translate an English text directly to Chinese next time.

33 minutes

For this challenge I do translations from German to Chinese. I started today with a very short article for kids about the opening ceremony of the Paralympics. It is the first time, that I try to translate into Chinese and even though I am quite good at reading Chinese articles, I realize I should read more and try to actively use the phrases used in written Chinese, because normally when I write in Chinese I just write like I talk and that wouldn't be appropriate for a news article. Today I found two points challenging: How to accurately translate little words like "and" (I had a sentence in German starting like this "And that despite of ..." I decided to ignore the word and started the Chinese sentence with 尽管). How to translate idioms? (I had a sentence with the approximate meaning of "there was a heavy downpour; it was raining cats and dogs". I wasn't sure whether to use 倾盆大雨 or 大雨如注 or if I should use a totally different expression.

Challenge time progress:100%
Goal progress:21.0%
Hours reported1.05