in Mimicking challenge, November 2016

4800 minutes
720 minutes

The adequate should be to find resources like videos with pinyin subtitles , or even characters .
then mimick it... the problem is that there's no subtitles in pinyin nowhere.
the problem with the characters is that there's a lot of them we don't know , because we're learning yet...
Anyway , I like anime so I'm watching one called " ling yu ( spiritual realm ) " and I think that's awsome... with the video app " IQIYI" ... just pause and read... and watch again... to mimmick.. I guess. ^^
I can't express the progress on the mimicking , but I'll be talking about resources , what's more important here on the comments session , I guess.
That's all.

Challenge time progress:100%
Goal progress:100.0%
Hours reported92.0