in Translation challenge, December 2016

75 minutes

Almost done translating the article about the popular terms. I should finish in time too meet my goal, tomorrow.

90 minutes

Continuing with my translation of the top ten phrases article. Some paragraphs were challenging but I managed to work them out as smoothly as I could.

60 minutes

Continuing on the same piece with the popular sayings. Still no update with the formatting problem, but everything else is going smoothly

60 minutes

I'm continuing with the piece on popular phrases. Yesterday I spent time on translating but ended up wasting a lot of time trying to figure out how to fix the formatting of the page which got messed up either by my posting the text wrong or the original text not being formatted correctly. I won't be updating the translation for that article anymore until that gets fixed but I will still continue to work on the text on my local word processor.

60 minutes

I decided to work on an interesting text on the top ten most popular sayings of 2016. This article stood out to me when I was searching for something new to work on after having completed the other translations. I previously compiled a short list of popular sayings from 2015 but never got around to finishing it, so this article will be pretty interesting I think. I thought this text would be difficult but it's turning out okay so far (about 20% done) but ran into a problem with the website where I went to paste in my translation and it messed up the formatting of the text. Not sure if this was my fault or if it was because the website messed up the breaks between the paragraph headings. I contacted them about it so hopefully they can get back to me about that. You can check out the piece here:年十大流行语-english/

40 minutes

Finished the piece on the Gaokao stories. It was pretty funny and interesting although the author used some slang and idioms I hadn't seen before I managed to offer translations that I thought were accurate enough. Some parts could use some polishing up. Here is the link if you are interested高考囧事-english/?rev=40761#6

45 minutes

Finished polishing up the 'coastal workers' text and moved on to working on a different piece called 高考囧事 which is turning out to be pretty interesting.

60 minutes

I did about an hour today in order to make up for a couple days where I was busy. Still continuing the same text I started the challenge with. I'm liking the challenge so far; I think translating is a good way to make sure I have a strong understanding of the way Chinese sentence structure and paragraph structure works and differs from English.

30 minutes

Translated a text about coastal workers – 沿海务工者 on the Marco Polo Project site. Only translated about 3 paragraphs today. Hopefully can complete the text within a couple days. Today's translation wen't well overall.

Challenge time progress:100%
Goal progress:86.7%
Hours reported8.67