in Speaking Challenge, December 2017

45 minutes

Did three more self-translations and logged and reviewed on Anki. Listened to one hour of VOA while driving back home from my parents, does that count?? I've not added it to the time here.

120 minutes

Did 3 self-translations of a one-minute recording talking about how my day went and general reflections on life etc. I find this to be really effective in recognising what my "pet phrases" are when speaking English as these idiosyncrasies can tend to transfer across to Chinese. This was a suggestion by Chris on to help make your daily spoken Chinese sound much more native. I've also been doing an idiom set on Quizlet to relearn a load I have forgotten. I've also been doing my Anki sets on my laptop that are from my self-translations. In addition to that I've been reading the news here and there and logging new vocabulary from the 每日双语新闻 app, really worth getting! May not look wholly focussed on speaking but every little helps..!

Challenge time progress:100%
Goal progress:55.0%
Hours reported2.75