in Open challenge, February 2018

20 minutes

L0 R5 S0 W15

150 minutes

L70 R10 S40 W30
Afternoon @ 春雷's - even cracked some of the parental dialect!

20 minutes

L20 S0 R0 W0
Not sure about this convo group - spent most time helping with English. Negligible Mandarin speaking.

30 minutes

L10 R0 S 10 W10

50 minutes

L20 R5 S15 W10

40 minutes

L20 R5 S0 W15

Pleco reviews, writing new words, messages on WeChat

110 minutes

L20 R20 S0 W70

Some more elegant brushwork on the 成语, some more Pleco reviews, made a new friend on the WeChat: we talked of many things: of fruit and naps and politeness, of calligraphy and rings.

40 minutes

L0 R5 S0 W35
At last got time to sit down and write some characters. Two 成语 and phrases to go with, and copied out my Pleco revision misses.

50 minutes

L50 R0 S0 W0
catch up on Pleco. I have the audio as the prompt, so it's a weird intense contextless kind of listening.

60 minutes

L 40 R 0 S 20 W 0 Conversation group - more listening. Very little English in 90 mins.

40 minutes

L 20 R 10 S 5 W 5 Another work day with remarkably little Mandarin speaking. Podcast listening and reading for new resources.

35 minutes

L 20 R 10 S 5 W 0
Work day with few chances to speak - just one short phone convo.
Using handwriting for character input for phone for this challenge...

So... the goal is to see how my time is spent over the two weeks across Listening, Reading, Speaking and Writing. I hope I'm spending most time on listening as I most want to improve there... Also want to set up regular repeating Mandarin speaking & listening situations for the year.

L290 R70 S95 W190 - final tally Final impressions - these were minutes spent practising skills in an intensive way. Listening with many pauses to pick up new vocab and grammatical points; Reading slowly at a higher level pausing to learn new words encountered; Writing calligraphy, referring to stroke order animations for unfamiliar characters. Goals for next Open Challenge will be to practise extensive skills: wide reading at my fluency level; Listening to less complex podcasts and eabesdropping on everyday speech; More WeChat communication, quick response writing and speaking. Continue to use handwriting input on Smartphone. Create more language immersion experiences.

Challenge time progress:100%
Goal progress:107.4%
Hours reported10.74