in Open challenge, March 2018

143 minutes

40 minutes FluentU vocab review and quiz, 24 minutes Duolingo, 44 minutes ANKI Heisig characters, 35 minutes shadowing of video

207 minutes

58 minutes of FluentU review and quizzes, 27 minutes of DL 3 modules, 35 minutes of reading Heisig Remembering Hanzi descriptions, 51 minutes of ANKI flashcard review of Heisig characters, 36 minutes of video shadowing

176 minutes

58 minutes FluentU vocab review and quiz, 24 minutes Duolingo - 3 modules, 55 minutes of ANKI flashcard review, 39 minutes shadowing video dialogu

139 minutes

30 minutes FluentU Vocab Review and practice learning new vocab, 35 minutes Duolingo 3 modules, 38 minutes Anki flashcard set on Heisig remembering hanzi, 30 minutes reciting dialogues from memory, 6 minutes shadowing video

257 minutes

44 minutes using FluentU flashcard review, 27 minutes three modules of Duolingo, 57 minutes reading Heisig stories behind characters, 60 minutes in traditional Chinese class, 28 minutes shadowing video dialogue, 41 minutes on Anki flashcards Heisig Remembering Simplified Hansig.

181 minutes

55 minutes doing FluentU Vocab review and quiz, 22 minutes on DL 3 modules, 6 minutes responding to DL writing prompt, 55 minutes on Anki flashcards fromm Heisig Remembering simplified Hanzi, 43 minutes shadowing a movie clip monologue about crushes.

152 minutes

56 minutes on Duolingo and fluentu bideo. 15 minutes responding to Duolingo writing prompt. 36 minutes shadowing intermediate ad on Nikon cameras. 45 minutes doing Anki flashcards.

119 minutes

16 mins Duolingo, 3 modules and response to DL writing prompt. 42 minutes FluentU Video on Family members - vocab review and quiz, 7 minutes writing a character with a brush, 59 minutes - Anki flashcards on Heisig Remembering Simplifies Hanzi.

253 minutes

16 minutes on 3 modules of Duolingo, 29 minutes on FluentU vocab review and continuing study of animal names, 8 minutes responding to Duolingo sentence writing prompt, 27 minutes shadowing video dialogue "How are you feeling", 40 minutes reading Heisig Remembering Simplified Hanzi descriptions - Chap 18, 16 minutes memorizing dialogues from FluentU, 60 minutes attending Chinese class, 57 minutes on Anki flashcard reviews on Heisig characters.

156 minutes

40 minutes Duolingo modules on Family & Dining, also composed response to DL question. 29 minutes on FluentU review module and names of animals. 37 minutes on Anki flashcards on Heisig's Remembering Simplified Hanzi - up to #405. 50 minutes shadowing Youtube beginner level videos.

146 minutes

Duolingo - travel modules, FluentU vocab review and quiz on talking about people, video shadowing of a romantic movie trailer and a girl's first love - "remember this smell". Remembering Simplified Hanzi Anki flashcards.

188 minutes

FluentU review, videos and quizzes, composed a letter to my Chinese teacher about class absence, Duolingo modules on time, entertainment & hobbies, video dialogue shadowing, Anki flash cards on Heisig's Remembering Simplified Hanzi.

30 minutes

I am continuing the 2nd half of February challenge. Everyday for 30 minutes I'll use a youtube video to shadow and I will keep on repeating until I get the flow down and I pronounce evey word.

130 minutes

FluentU videos - write characters and vocabulary practice, Duolingo modules, Remembering Simplified Hanzi Anki flashcard review. This is my usual daily routine, plus the 30 minutes of video shadowing I do. I'm determined to have a vocabulary of 1000 characters by the end of the year.

Challenge time progress:100%
Goal progress:105.4%
Hours reported37.94