in Vocabulary challenge, March 2018

111 minutes

44 minutes heisig - made it tocharacter # 583, 67 minutes 3000 common chinese characters.

117 minutes

42 minutes Heisig Anki deck, 75 minutes on 3000 common chinese characters deck. I decided that after this challenge is over, I'm going to ditch the 3000 character deck. The characters are translated very vaguely and there is a lot of overlap in meaning between the characters, so that when you have to translate from English to chinese, you don't know which character it is referring to. Heisig sticks to one core meaning per character and is more manageable.

131 minutes

Heisig Anki deck 60 minutes, 3000 Basic Chinese deck 71 minutes

148 minutes

40 minutes reading Heisig character stories, 37 minutes on Heisig Anki deck, 71 minutes on 3000 basic chinese character Anki deck.

110 minutes

50 minutes Heisig Anki deck; 60 minutes on 3000 basic Chinese deck

105 minutes

55 minutes Heisig Anki, 50 minutes 3000 Basic Characters Anki. I notice that the worse I am, the more time it takes me to get through a deck.

127 minutes

39 minutes, Heisig anki deck to number 546; 37 minutes reading Heisig character stories; 51 minutes on 3000 basic chinese characters Anki deck

75 minutes

40 minutes on Heisig Anki deck - up to nmbr 545. 35 minutes on 3000 Chinese characters Anki deck.

93 minutes

53 minutes Heisig Anki deck - to number 537, 40 minutes 3000 basic Chinese characters Anki deck

76 minutes

Anki - Heisig deck to nbr 532, 3000 basic characters deck

117 minutes

40 minutes reading Heisig's book on remember simplified hanzi; 50 minutes on Anki - Heisig deck; 27 minutes on Anki - 3000 basic characters deck

75 minutes

Anki decks: 49 minutes on Heisig Simplified Hanzi - up to number 519, 26 minutes on 300 basic Chinese Characters

70 minutes

Anki - Heisig Simplified Hanzi - up to number 509, and 3000 basic chinese characters

60 minutes

Anki - Heisig Remembering Simplified Hanzi - up to #500. Also Anki deck on 3000 basic characters

58 minutes

51 minutes on Heisig Anki deck, 17 minutes on 3000 basic chinese deck

54 minutes

Doing two different sets of ANKI vocabulary each set at 20 new words per day. One is based on Heisig's Remembering Simplified Hanzi, and the other is on a set of the 3000 most common vocabulary.

Challenge time progress:100%
Goal progress:101.8%
Hours reported25.46