in Open challenge, April 2018

60 minutes

learningchinesethroughstories - moved to higher level; learnchineseonline

90 minutes

Learning Chinese Through Stories - listening. Finished Word Swing Tone Training. Text Book vocab list and reading about hobbies and interests.

80 minutes

learning chinese through stories 40 minutes; pleco flashcards for book I'm reading, read pageof book again + new page 40 minutes

30 minutes

learning chinese through stories

70 minutes

learning chinese through stories; chinese learn online; both mainly listening activities. My listening skill is improving. I need less effort to understand the meaning.

75 minutes

word swing: tone training then missing tones, can distinguish tones in training but much harder in the sentences; learning chinese through, long explanation in Chinese which should be boring but it's not, comprehension dawns as it continues - excellent site.

80 minutes

Word Swing tone training 20 mins, can distinguish tones more clearly now; chinese learn online: lesson 192, i hour, I treat it as a listening exercise. I really like these conversations and my listening has improved noticeably since I started.

90 minutes

30 minutes listening to : The explanations of the stories are in Chinese but through using synonyms and description it is amazing how much can be understood. So that there is no need for translation, only a Hanzi check after.
20 minutes doing word swing tone training. Although I get a good score this is improving my tone recognition a lot. 40 minutes on text book - reading a dialogue review

65 minutes

wordswing; tone practice - I can discriminate when in an exercise like this; popup chinese: elementary lesson, repeated transcript aloud paying attention to tones, vocab review

90 minutes

Word Swing: getting familiar with activities. Character similarities - easy. Text game - hard because have to make decisions as well as read. Dialogue - quite hard - listened and repeated. Tone recognition - can't do 2 and 3.

Challenge time progress:100%
Goal progress:101.3%
Hours reported12.16