in Open challenge, May 2018

15 minutes

I wrote down the weird dream that I had about looking for the Triforce in the forest to save my student's family.

25 minutes

I talked to my coworker for about 10 minutes about how my student was cheating during the test that I gave and how the students in that class are horrible. Then I wrote down my dream this morning, which lasted about fifteen minutes because I write slowly, and I have weird and detailed dreams.

I've also been listening to Taiwan 24 hour news all day at work, but I don't think that counts, because I'm not really paying attention to it much. I've basically memorized all the words to every commercial that they play, though. It's starting to get annoying, but it's good for my listening.

25 minutes

I read some 西游记. I also read some dude's post on 百度贴吧 about ajatt. Pretty tight.

20 minutes

I read 西游記 for ten minutes last night, and then I wrote down my dream when I woke up this morning. I think it's ridiculous that both 孫悟空 and 豬八戒 both have long poems prepared for if anyone asks who they are. I mean how long did they sit at home by themselves writing those poems? Don't they have better things to do?

15 minutes

I wrote some thoughts on a piece of paper about my future. Basically all the things that could go right and things that could go wrong. I think I have pretty bright prospects though. I'm gonna go read 西游記 now. I'm at the part where they meet 豬八戒. I don't understand why he can't go for adult women instead of young girls.

10 minutes

I just wrote some of my thoughts about my sad and depressing life.

Challenge time progress:100.0%
Goal progress:18.4%
Hours reported1.84