in Writing challenge, May 2018

12 minutes

Although these two sentences are longer than the last one, they were very action oriented and were more straightforward to translate. Original English: She grabs me by the arm, pointing at the mirror, and says, “Doesn’t this mirror make me look younger?!” And I take a look and say, “Wow, I love this mirror! I look ten years younger! Let’s buy one for each of our bathrooms!” Translation: 她抓住我的胳膊, 指着镜子, 说: "这镜子让我看起来更年轻吗?! 我看了一眼, 说: "哇, 我爱这镜子!我看起来年轻十岁!让我们为我们的每一个浴室买一个!

48 minutes

I spent a lot of time on a very short sentence. English original: I run in expecting the worst. Translation: 我跑进浴室。我在预期将发现一个恐惧的事。

68 minutes

This sentence was tough, and I'm not sure I got it right. I need to work at it more. English original: Mae and I had just arrived into our hotel room in Los Angeles a month ago and I begin unpacking the luggage while she goes into the bathroom and lets out a squeal with her there’s-a-spider-in-the-bathtub voice, “Ray come HERE!”. Translation: 上个月,我和妻子前往洛杉矶去度假吧,刚刚进入我们的酒店房间。当我在拆开手提箱时我的妻子进入浴室和尖叫就像她看到一个蜘蛛在浴缸。她大喊:” Ray!马上来这里吧!“

57 minutes

Original English: I have to stop at Broadway for a light, and brace myself as he comes up and stops right beside me, and drops the trash he had picked up into the waste receptacle next to me. Translation: 在街角我必须停在一个红绿灯处。他走过来站在我旁边时, 我感到非常紧张。然后他把它拾起来的垃圾放到在我旁边的垃圾桶里。

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50 minutes

Original English: I give him wide berth, but as I pass by, he stands up slowly and with an unsteady step begins to follow behind me. Translation: 当我路过时, 我试着给那个男人一个宽阔的泊位, 但他缓缓站起来,开始走在我身后。

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40 minutes

I'm starting a new story. English original: I’m walking on 58th Street on my way to work near Columbus Circle, and I see ahead of me a disheveled homeless man bent down picking something up off the sidewalk. Chinese translation: 我正走在前往纽约第58大街工作的路上时,当我看到我前方一个蓬头垢面的无家可归的人弯下腰,从人行道上捡起一些东西。

40 minutes

Finally finished the last sentence: Obviously, it was dropped there by a teacher from one of the many school groups touring that day. 很明显, 很明显,它属于一个学校旅游团体的一名老师。

80 minutes

Having a hard time doing a translation for: Obviously, it was dropped there by a teacher from one of the many school groups touring that day. This is what I've got so far, but I know it's not right: 很明显, 它属于那天巡回学校的一位老师.

45 minutes

Later on that day, while visiting the Lincoln Memorial, I saw this single lonely sock on the memorial steps and said, 这是老师的袜子. Translation: 那天晚些时候参观林肯纪念馆时, 我看见一只孤独的袜子躺在台阶上. 我向弟弟的家人指出了, 并说 “这是老师的袜子.”

29 minutes

I'm getting more efficient at this and translated one more sentence: When my brother’s family heard me read this sentence, they all began to tease me asking me when I would ever use that sentence. 当我弟弟的家人听到我读这句话时,他们都开始挑逗我问我什么时候会用这句话。

67 minutes

For this challenge I am rewriting in Chinese some personal stories I originally wrote in English. I'm planning on writing only one or two sentences a day, paying close attention to properly translating concepts and sentence structure. Today I did the first two sentences: “This is my teacher’s sock.” I’m learning Chinese and this sentence, 这是老师的袜子, came up on the online course I was using while visiting my brother’s family in Washington D.C. Translation: 在华盛顿拜访我的弟弟时,这句话出现在正在学习的在线中文课程中。

Challenge time progress:100%
Goal progress:89.3%
Hours reported8.93