in Extensive listening challenge, October 2014

40 minutes

listened to Beijing iHome Radio 927 for a while. (boy~ that 儿化音. but i liked it) was an interesting story which i won't explain here....

13 minutes

mp3 files from old Chinese text book. It was a fairly advanced (no! highly advanced) text book. I understood about 60 percent.

35 minutes

listened to 'old' HSK listening's been a long time since I listened to these audio clips. it went okay

40 minutes

7 episodes of Slow Chinese.

95 minutes

I listened to *all* of the mp3 files of my aforementioned textbook. It took a long time, and I realized that I need to fully review some chapters.

52 minutes

I listened to some 'not-so-difficult' business Chinese mp3 files. The files come with a booklet called . Again, I am not sure when was the last time I heard this audio.

70 minutes

listened to the remaining half of the business textbook mp3 files. I understood most of it, but there were some that was unclear.

29 minutes

5 episodes of Slow Chinese. This time, I encountered many unfamiliar vocabulary. However, some was obvious through context clue.

20 minutes

I listened to 6 episodes of 成语故事 on mp3 files. Some understood, some not. The background story is very interesting.

40 minutes

listened to some more 成语故事 was a bit difficult... I still have a lot coming.

5 minutes

I listened to 2 episodes of Slow Chinese. I was glad that it wasn't too 'hard' on my ears. Very interesting. Many thanks for letting me know such a great resource.

10 minutes

I listened to some old mp3 files from my old text book : 汉语口语速成 - 中级篇。1 chapter was around 10 minutes. It went smoothly. ^^;

23 minutes

For the first time, I tried listening to 锵锵三人行. It lasted 23 minutes, and I didn't understand a thing! This is definitely advanced material, and it proves that my level is intermediate. However, I will still try listening to it once or twice more.

15 minutes

3 episodes of Slow Chinese. I wasn't able to understand Jay Zhou's rap performance. (maybe a word or two)

20 minutes

listened to mp3 files from an old text book mentioned above. I studied this book a long time ago, and everything is so new. Yet, I understood most of it.

60 minutes

I watched 3 episodes of 锵锵三人行. This time I was able to hear more ; perhaps because I had a little more background information, or I carefully selected the episodes that reflect my interest.

28 minutes

3 chapters of mp3 files from an old Chinese textbook (汉语口语速成)

20 minutes

4 episodes of Slow Chinese. I especially found 'getting a job in China' interesting. Easy to understand thanks to its 'slowness'.

10 minutes

I listened for a short while . Mostly commercials and music program which played 2 songs. There was also some kind of comic conversation about alcohol. However, it was hard and I got tired so I stopped listening after 10 minutes. Maybe I'll try to listen more some other time. (right now, it's 5:42 am)

20 minutes

1 episode of 锵锵三人行. I chose an unfamiliar subject. I think it was about art and music (rock and roll) in general.

Challenge time progress:100%
Goal progress:63.2%
Hours reported10.75