in Pronunciation challenge, June 2018

50 minutes

Still on that last phrase and repeated another 100 and umpteenth time. Cannot say the whole phrase at a fast clip, but can do each individual phrase one at a time.

6 minutes

FluentForever pronunciation flashcards

41 minutes

Still on: 五种颜色,十二种鲜蔬,五道活水清洗,均衡又安心。Five colors, 12 fresh vegetables, 5 times cleanly washed with running water, balanced and safe. Getting the tones right is key to making this sound like the native speaker - like syncopation. I must have tried repeating this about 100 times.

五 often means "all kinds of" or "multi-" as in multicoloured. All kinds of colours, all kinds of crops... 五谷 , could be the case here? 陈柏霖 is an actor, I can recommend this movie 《再见,在也不见》the middle part of the movie is great for tone practice.

33 minutes

Still working on that last sentence and I got it! I had to practice by breaking the sentence down into its component phrases and concentrated on meaning. Went on to the next sentence: 5 colors, 12 fresh vegetables, 5 times washing wth running water, safe to eat.

49 minutes

Added a new sentence to "Salad Video" 7-11 光合农场 百分百使用安心蔬菜。"7-11 Sunshine Farm uses 100 percent safe vegetables." It's very tough to say this at the same pace as the speaker, but I have the tones down. Culturally this is a very interesting sentence, because Chinese don't eat raw vegetables because, I think, they touch the ground. Raw fruit is okay, and watermelon has that big thick rind that keeps the watermelon flesh safe from cooties. I wonder how this campaign is going?

How much salad do I have to buy in order to get one 陈柏霖 for free?

9 minutes

Went camping this weekend and couldn't access the internet to do my shadowing.

21 minutes

Only Fluentforever anki cards today
21 minutes

6 minutes

Only 6 minutes of anki cards

32 minutes

New video: Fresh Salads, Anyone? Vocabulary is easy, but it's hard to shadow. 做沙拉简单。 第一步洗菜。再来?洗菜。洗菜洗菜还是洗菜。到底要洗几遍啦?难了吧?还有十二样要洗。Making salad is easy. First step, wash the vegetables. Next? Wash the vegetables. Wash the vegetables, wash the vegetables and still wash the vegetables. How many times do I have to wash them? Hard, isn't it. You still have 12 more things to wash.

37 minutes

FluentForever Anki pronunciation cards - 6 minutes. Some cards are very frustrating because I hear something very different from what FF says. I end up getting them right because I remember what they said was the correct pronunciation rather than what I heard. I think there is something wrong with the quality of the cards, but need an IPA specialist to verify. On the other hand the intensive shadowing is working better. Because I hear, write, say and shadow each sentence intensively, I'm getting to think of meaning while phrasing my pronunciation and the words flow much better.

27 minutes

Fluent Forever, Intensive shadowing of last two sentences of Taste of Home: 回家了吃饭了是家和爱最美的表达。有家有爱有欧派。Time to go home! Time to eat! are the most beautiful expressions of family and love. Having a family, having love, having Oppein.

36 minutes

Fluent Forever pronunciation cards and intensive shadowing of "Taste of Home" ad. Reviewed first three sentences and added a new one: 而我也是个为家人做饭的妈妈。“I am also a mother who cooks for her family."

17 minutes

Fluent Forever pronunciation anki cards - 5 minutes. FluentU intensive shadowing: 因为我有个回家吃饭的妈妈。“Because I have a mother at waiting for me to return home to eat." I can't believe I'm saying this.

I think she returns home to him. 他有一个会做饭的妈妈。 我有一个回家吃饭的妈妈。 我有一个回家作业的孩子。

27 minutes

4 minutes of FluentForever Anki flash cards. 23 minutes of shadowing 回家了,吃饭了。二十年里我演得最好的角色是妈妈。"Return home, eat. In the past 20 years, the best role I've had is mother." This is a line from a Chinese ad featuring a famous actress reminiscing about her life. This would never fly in America.

Is that a food ad?

that slogan fooled me, too many actors like cooking these days. Where do you find those advertisements? Are they any good for learning Chinese?

25 minutes

Doing FluentForever pronunciation Anki deck - 5 minutes. These are both pronunciation and minimal pair listening cards. There are a few tone cards that I just can't get - various versions of mama with different tones on each ma. My vowel pronunciation tends to be more in the back of the mouth - American. Also I don't retroflex as much. I'm also doing an intensive version of shadowing putting a lot of attention on correct tones. I am shadowing while reading the characters and associating the tone with the character, and then I shadow without reading. I'm using youtube videos and only one sentence at a time:

Challenge time progress:100%
Goal progress:99.0%
Hours reported6.93