in Open challenge, August 2018

15 minutes

I read the word aloud, understand its meaning in English or Urdu then construct a sentence and pronounce it alongwith the focus on tunes. :) This technique really helps me to remember the words.

15 minutes

I went through the HSK list and identified those words which have similar sounds 👌 like 百 and 白. The trick which I applied is to use it in a sentence, read it out loud with perfect pronunciation (Applicable with the tune) For me, it worked. Anyone it there who follows it, do let me know about your feedback.

Did you use ANKI? I think I'll do the same, thank you!

How do you handle the 5th tone? like in 明白

Milena, no, I didn't use it.

@Birgit, in 明白 comes the second tune.. Rising one.

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Goal progress:25.0%
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