in Open challenge, August 2018

25 minutes

Started to use Anki again to create flashcards for words that I need to be able to recognize. Today's words came from the article I'm reviewing from my last lesson. I find it really useful when I look up the meaning of the individual characters that make a word.

I would say it is not only very useful but a must, ask your teacher to give you common words for every new character! It is super cool that you found out about it yourself, well done! I have to stuff a lot of "holes" because I learned that too late. The way chinese kids learn is: 1. new character 2. new words that include the character 始 历史 开始 始终, 开 打开 开车 公开 etc..

20 minutes

Reviewed a new article, trying to read it out loud fluently. I also continued to listen and make notes on Mandarin Corner's "Conversation with 100 Sentence Starters". It's helping me to understand subtle differences between phrases like 我想要,我要,我想。

135 minutes

I journaled about the last few days (work and free time) to get some ideas flowing for my Chinese lesson. I felt that it was easier than usual to write natural sounding sentences. I also had my Chinese lesson during which I spoke more fluently than in the past lessons. I'm surprised and happy that my teacher said we can start studying some HSK4 material in the next lesson.

30 minutes

I studied some useful conversation starters from Mandarin Corner's YouTube channel. I'm going to aim to use five of these in my next Chinese lesson. Also practised my fluency and intonation by reading the article from last week's lesson. I keep confusing the pronunciation and tones of 杨,狼 and 养。

26 minutes

Reviewed article from last week's lesson. Wrote sentences using vocabulary I need to learn and posted them on lang-8 for correction. I read the article much more fluently today and felt that my intonation is improving.

15 minutes

Reviewed my article from last week's Chinese lesson and listened to a short story from a Udemy course that I'm taking.

Challenge time progress:100%
Goal progress:69.7%
Hours reported4.18