in Vocabulary challenge, August 2018

50 minutes

I wrote more sentences using key words, sentences that I think will be useful for general conversation. I also cleared up my confusion between using 我想,我要,我想要。It was a real struggle to be motivated to start today, but once I got into my study time it was hard to stop.

25 minutes

Looked at the corrections on some texts that I wrote and used the new and corrected vocabulary for flashcards in Anki. I'm learning a lot from comparing my original text to the corrected one and trying to understand my mistakes. Also reviewed my Anki deck.

25 minutes

In this challenge I'm splitting my time between learning and reviewing words related to topics that I always discuss with my Chinese teacher such as work, hobbies, free time, family, travel, etc because I want to be able to speak more confidently and fluently with her. I also plan to review my ChinesePod pdfs for words and phrases that will give me more variety when I speak. I'm going to try and stick to using Anki for the duration of this challenge to see how much of a difference it makes.

Challenge time progress:100%
Goal progress:33.4%
Hours reported1.67