in Reading challenge, September 2018

67 minutes

FluentU Text to 2014 咖啡因男孩 Coffee Boy - Barista? Video about a disabled teen being trained to be a barista. I'm traveling and couldn't do my challenge for two days. But put in this last effort for the last day of the challenge.

58 minutes

FluentU Text to 2014 咖啡因男孩 Coffee Boy - Barista? Video about a disabled teen being trained to be a barista.

73 minutes

Finally finished 《16 個夏天》許瑋甯|談談心|女人迷 Interview with Xu Weining on self-confidence, self-reliance and achieving goals for women. Also a plug for her latest movie 16 summers. One needs a lot more understanding of cultural background to get the full flavor of this clip, because on a word by word translation level you will definitely come away confused.

55 minutes

Continuation of yesterday's video.

63 minutes

Continued with 2nd third of【 人物故事 】《16 個夏天》許瑋甯|談談心|女人迷 I'm trying match up what the text is and what the woman is saying. The impression I get is that she can say about 4 characters in one syllable. e.g., 我们两个 becomes something like "mg". I guess I do the same thing in English. But it's truly wondrous how humans can express what's going on in their brains.

57 minutes

FluentU text to 【 人物故事 】《16 个夏天》许玮宁|谈谈心|女人迷 Actress Xu Weining on Soulmates - I could only do about a third of this video - difficult to figure out exactly what she is saying, but get a general sense. I could be completely mistaken. For example, is she talking about a girl's first kiss or the first time she kissed a girl. That's a big difference. 我的第一次女生的初吻献给了她。

it is the first time she kissed a girl

Yes, that what it sounds like.

40 minutes

FluentU text to 广告 三井住友海上集团 明台产物保险 车子篇 Mitsubishi Overseas Group, Mingtai Insurance Ad - The Car Episode - Sentence structures were simple and direct, but vocabulary was idiomatic, e.g., 粗心大意 careless, 八卦 gossip, 在乎 care about.

65 minutes

FluentU text to 為什麼2月份的天數最短呢?Why is the month of February so short?

88 minutes

FuentU Text for 因為愛情 - Because of Love - So sappy, even I was sucked in. Sniff.

57 minutes

FluentU text for TVBSTVBS 关怀台湾文教基金会 名字篇 Taiwan Educational and Cultural Foundation - Public service spot for supporting underprivileged kids.

61 minutes

FluentU text to 花旗银行账户 - Commercial spot for Citibank.

43 minutes

FluentU video text for 【小捐款大陪伴】弱势孩子找到下课后的秘密基地 - Small Donations for Big Companions - An after school program where children at risk can go for companionship and support. Finally, a text that has a similar structure and vocabulary in both Chinese and English.

63 minutes

FluentU Text to 最想去的國家 - 符瓊音 Fu Qiong Yi - The country I most want to visit - A very impressionistic monologue that doesn't fit linear, organized thought process. I couldn't tell if was the Chinese grammar or the vagueness of her impressions that made it hard for me to understand. But I was attracted to her fresh spontaneous personality whatever she was trying to say.

52 minutes

FluentU Youtube text to BRANDS®到代表福到! Brands Products means Happiness. Here's an example of text that I can understand in Chinese, but I couldn't really translate into English.

50 minutes

FluentU text to 愛情限量版 "Love Limited Edition" movie trailer. It never ceases to amaze me how many characters I can recognize and still not understand a text. It feels like reading a secret code. And then, when you see the translation the words all fall into place in precise meaningful phrases. It feels like it's going to be a very long process before I get the hang of this.

secret code, yep, same here, I started to watch a daily business program, while I can read most of the characters, I don`t know the meaning of them in this context. The reason why I decided to study business vocab is, it also teaches about all kind of crime, useful vocab for watching movies, not as dry as german business lessons. Try to guess these: 套路, 传销

Birgit - what a 挑战!Without looking anything up, I guess that 套路 means 'conduit' or 'protected trade' and that 传销 might be something like 'mass marketing'. Of course, your hint that you are reading business materials helps.

wow! your second guess is pretty good: 传销 is pyramid selling, 套路 is all kind of fraud. The program is called 财经半小时 on youtube. The latest scam was about renting a flat or room in Shanghai, the contract had a hidden loan 暗藏贷款. Thousands fell into that trap. 你打算住宿舍吗?

48 minutes

Read FluentU video text for Youtube: 5度C的友情 5 degree Friendship 我觉得两个男孩的友情比跟Amy的比较温暖。

61 minutes

Video Text to Youtube 小朋友这样吃,头好壮壮! Hey kids, eat like this to be healthy and strong! (My translation)

57 minutes

Today's video text is from youtube:, AIA 友邦人壽 - 「有我幫你,友邦人壽 AIA Insurance Company, I'm here to help you.

47 minutes

For this challenge, I'll be using FluentU to read the intermediate level scripts for Youtube videos. The videos are about 5 mins long, and I will play them several times so that I can read the characters (and understand) at the same speed as the video. I'll do one video per day. Today's video is a music video 來吧!焙焙!──〈全世界我最喜歡你(可是你都不知道)〉Come on, baby! In the whole world I love you the most, but you don't know it.

Challenge time progress:100%
Goal progress:92.2%
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