in Handwriting challenge, November 2018

40 minutes

Lots of Skritter.

30 minutes

Finished reading my abridged novella- Gods, why did Pleco choose all these Chinese 'social realism' novels. They are, to a one, downers. And I'm already spending my time in English reading Chris Hedges, so it's not like I'm not down enough already. Anyway, I copied another 100+ new vocab and phrases from the back 1/3 of the thing, so that's the writing.

35 minutes

Skritter, 15 minutes on the TOCFL lists, and 25 on the lists I derived from Pleco Readers

45 minutes

用 Glossika 做聽寫。他們的句子,不難懂,但是還值得背,因為我自己造成句子不太順。

35 minutes

Reading again, same book; copying vocabulary and phrases out of it into my notebook. again counting only 1/3 of the total time, as that's roughly how much of it was spent actually writing.

50 minutes

More time in Skritter, and then I read for about 75 minutes (一個短篇小說叫:懶得離婚;全部可以在網路讀), but I'm only adding 25 of those to this list- because roughly 1/3 of the time was writing down new words and copying interesting phrases. As for how it went- discouraging, a bit- this is a "2500" word vocab-level abridgment I'm working with and I'm still running into all sorts of words and usage that are new to me...

50 minutes

Hit Skritter for two 25 minute sessions- one to review the vocab from a Pleco reader (went pretty good- stories really do help words to stick) and the other to catch up on my TOCFL 8000 word list (went less good but still OK- I'm entering TOCFL 5 vocab and lots of it is new, might abandon this for now...) Tomorrow we write some sentences and copy some lyrics...

Challenge time progress:100%
Goal progress:27.9%
Hours reported4.74