in Translation challenge, December 2018

90 minutes

Translated a short excerpt from a newspaper article about Christmas for migrants in Australia. Posted it in italki notebooks. Have received a correction which made no major changes. :)

60 minutes

Translated English to Chinese from an article about working as a foreign teacher in a 3rd tier city in China. Read them to my Chinese italki partner. He didn't correct them but understood and it lead to an interesting discussion.

120 minutes

Chinese to English: a long article on International education in China to discuss in my next lesson. In this case translating into English was helpful to understand the detail. Whether the time spent pays off in improving my Chinese will be shown if I can answer the discussion questions at a reasonable level.

60 minutes

Translated from Chinese to English a reading text that was for a lesson. This helped me better understand the details of the story as it made me slow down and the sentences carefully.

60 minutes

Translated 4 sentences from a news report about the wind on Mars into Chinese. This was hard so I simplified it a little. Posted in on italki notebooks and received a correction.

Challenge time progress:100%
Goal progress:65.0%
Hours reported6.5