in Translation challenge, December 2018

45 minutes

Today, the last day of the challenge, I translated a short blog entry I wrote about doing work around the house.
English Original: I find that carving a turkey and caulking my bathroom tub trigger the same satisfaction neurons in my brain. I should be able to do both of these, I start out fine, quickly deteriorate into Amelia Bedelia incompetence, and end up with a turkey platter and a bathtub ledge that look pretty much the same.
Chinese translation: 我发现, 雕刻火鸡和灌浆我的浴缸周围的瓷砖触发在我的大脑同样的满意感。我应该能够做到这两个, 一开始一切似乎都正常进行, 但很快情况就恶化到了完全的无能, 我最终得到了一盘火鸡和一个看起来大同小异的浴缸瓷砖工作。

52 minutes

English original: It was a good 1-2″ too short. I felt like I was jumping hurdles. Maybe if I hang it up for another 6 years, I’ll shrink into it. On the other hand, if any of you in blogland would like to take it off my hands, this story plus the fact that I’m a 40 Regular, 36″ waist, 30″ inseam should give you an idea of what to expect.
Chinese translation: 它是一个很好的一到两英寸太短。我觉得自己在跳跨栏。也许如果我再把它挂上 6年, 我就会萎缩进它。另一方面, 如果你们中的任何一个读这个故事想把它从我手里拿下来, 这个故事加上我穿了一套有36英寸腰围和30英寸内缝的普通西装大小, 应该会让你对期待什么有一些了解。

47 minutes

English original: I had a vague notion I didn’t like the suit, but actually forgot why. I put the suit on and I felt that it fit fine, so I decided to wear it to work. But during the day, I began to notice things that were not right: the material was too shiny, it was also a bit thick feeling and stuffy, then I noticed the color of the thread they used for the seaming, it was a bit too dark and gave an unprofessional finish to my lapels, then I realized the coat buttons were misaligned with the button holes, and the jacket was in a permanent open mode that outlined a flask or a nuclear plant on the front of my body. But the worst defect was the pants zipper.
Chinese translation: 我有一个模糊的想法, 我不喜欢这套衣服, 但实际上忘了为什么。我穿上西装, 觉得很合身, 所以我决定穿上它去上班。但白天, 我开始注意到一些不对的东西: 材料太亮了, 感觉也有点厚, 很闷热, 然后我注意到他们用来缝合的线的颜色, 有点太暗了, 给了翻领一个不专业的完成。 然后我意识到外套的纽扣与纽扣孔不对齐, 夹克是在一个永久开放的模式, 概述了一个烧瓶或核电站在我的身体前面。但最严重的缺陷是裤子拉链。

53 minutes

English original: It wasn’t perfect, but it was close enough, especially since I had to get back to the final plenary session and was leaving Bangkok the next day. When I got back to the U.S., I did wear the suit once, but then hung it up in my closet where it stayed until last week.
Chinese translation: 这套衣服做得并不完美, 但已经足够接近了, 特别是因为我必须回到最后的全体会议, 第二天就要离开曼谷。回到美国后, 我只穿了这套衣服一次, 然后我就把它挂在衣柜里, 一直挂到上周。

37 minutes

English original: Two fittings later, they got the suit to fit my body.
Chinese translation: 只有再去裁缝店两次后, 西服才合身。

29 minutes

Trying to translate: After two more fittings, they managed to the suit to fit my body.
I'm having a hard time finding the right translations for fittings and the idea of struggling to get something to fit. Still working on it.

51 minutes

English original: Yes, it was the material I had picked out, but I was wondering what creature they used to take the measurements, because they certainly weren’t mine. I thought of the “I Love Lucy” episode when Lucy made herself a dress to save money. The suit was completely cockeyed.
Chinese translation: 是的, 这是我挑选的面料, 但外套和裤子的尺寸不可能是我的。我甚至不确定这些测量是否来自人类。我想到了美国电视节目《我爱露西》中的一集, 露西为自己做了一件衣服, 以省钱。 当她做完衣服的时候, 一只胳膊比另一只长, 纽扣都不对齐了。

50 minutes

English original: “Oh, come on, Ray. Don’t be a wet blanket. It's only 150 US dollars, what can you lose? They will even send a car to pick us up and bring us back before lunch is over.” So I gave in to all the pressure and went to a tailor's shop. At the first visit I chose the material and the tailor took my measurements. The next day when I went back to try on the suit, I knew that I had lost $ 150.
Chinese translation: 于是, 我屈服于所有的压力, 去了一家裁缝店。在第一次访问时, 我选择了材料, 裁缝对我进行了测量。 第二天, 当我回去试穿西装时, 我知道自己损失了 1 5 0 美元。

36 minutes

English original: I’m usually resistant to unbelievable offers, but it seemed as if everyone was leaving during the lunch breaks.
Chinese translation: 我通常抵制令人难以置信的特价, 但似乎每个人都在午休时间离开去看他们的裁缝师.

38 minutes

Started translating a new story about a $150 tailored made suit I bought in Bangkok.
English Original: Six years ago I went to Bangkok, Thailand for a professional conference and I got sucked into taking advantage of one of those “tailored suit in three days” offers at the ridiculously low price of $150.
Chinese Translation: 六年前, 我去泰国曼谷参加了一个专业会议。在曼谷期间, 许多参与者决定购买羊毛西装。 他们来参加会议, 吹嘘自己是如何以 1 5 0 美元的价格买着西装的, 这些西装只要三天就能准备好.

37 minutes

English original: 9. The power goes out at 3AM. 10. I have the coffemaker programmed to start at 6:15, Mae has a 7AM train to Manhattan, but last Sunday was the start of daylight savings time。
Chinese translation: 9. 房子在凌晨三点断电。10. 我把咖啡机设置为早上6:15 开始, 我妻子有一辆早上7点开往曼哈顿的火车, 但我忘了把咖啡机上的时钟换成前天晚上开始的夏时制。

30 minutes

English original: 7. I failed to put the top on the carafe – the top that keeps the no-drip feature in the up position and allows coffee to flow from the filter basket into the carafe. 8. Someone unplugs the coffeemaker to charge their phone.
Chinese translation: 7. 我没把盖子盖在咖啡壶上。这是一个特殊的盖子, 保持无滴水功能在向上的位置, 并允许咖啡从过滤器流入咖啡壶。8. 有人拔掉咖啡机的插头给他们的手机充电。

45 minutes

English Original: 3. I forget to push the program button. 4. My wife usually gets up at 7:30 AM so I program the coffeemaker start at 7:15, but one day my wife had to catch a 7:00 AM train to Manhattan. 5. I filled the reservoir with water, but did not put coffee in the coffee machine. 6. I put coffee in the coffee machine, but I did not put water in the reservoir.
Chinese translation: 3. 我忘了按程序按钮。4. 我妻子通常早上七点半起床, 所以我把咖啡机编程地开始从七点十五分, 但有一天我妻子不得不赶上一辆早上七点 开往曼哈顿的火车。5. 我在水库里灌满了水, 但没有把咖啡放进咖啡机里。6. 我把咖啡放在咖啡机里, 但我没有把水放在水库里。

40 minutes

English original: 1. I forgot that we have a programmable coffee maker, and don’t even bother to put water and coffee in the coffee maker the night before. 2. I did not know that after programming the coffeemaker, you have to push the program button a second time to activate a program.
Chinese translation: 1. 我忘了我们有一个可编程的咖啡机, 甚至不费心前一天晚上把水和咖啡放在咖啡壶。2. 我不知道, 在编程咖啡机后, 你必须第二次按程序按钮激活一个程序。

35 minutes

English: Now, my wife gets up first, goes downstairs and the coffee machine has hot coffee for her to drink right away. But, at least once a month, she will come back upstairs and announce in her pre-coffee voice, “No coffee!” The reason there’s no coffee is because of one of the following reasons:
Chinese translation: 现在, 我妻子先起床, 下楼, 咖啡机里有热咖啡让她马上喝。但是, 每个月至少有一次, 她会回来楼上, 愤怒地宣布: "咖啡机里没有咖啡!" 没有咖啡的原因是由于以下原因之一:

24 minutes

Today, I started a new story to translate. It's one I wrote for my blog at about my experiences making coffee for my wife each morning. I will translate 1-3 sentences per day.
English original: A year ago we bought a programmable coffeemaker because, now that I’m retired,, I no longer get up at 5 AM to make coffee before going off to work.
Chinese translation: 一年前, 我们买了一个可编程的咖啡机, 因为现在我退休了, 上班前早上五点就不再起床煮咖啡了.

24 minutes

English original: For your information, the name of the hotel is the Royal Palace Westwood, a non-chain boutique hotel catering to the budget minded traveler.
Chinese translation: 为了您的信息, 酒店的名称是皇宫维斯特伍德, 一个非连锁精品酒店, 为预算头脑的旅客提供服务。

65 minutes

English original: I know I’m pretty handsome, but just take a look at each of the pictures above all taken with the same smartphone. The one on the left was taken yesterday with the bathroom mirror at our home, the one in the middle was a month ago at the hotel, and the one on the right was taken last August at my barber’s. Some might say buying these mirrors is just delusional, but face it, we are all living in Plato’s cave, so why not enjoy delusion?
Chinese translation: 我知道我很帅, 但是, 看看这些照片都是用同一部智能手机拍摄的。左边的那张是昨天在我们家用浴室的镜子拍的,中间的照片是一个月前在酒店拍的,右边的那张是去年八月在我理发店拍的。有人可能会说, 如果你买了这些镜子, 你就是在欺骗自己, 但面对现实吧我们都住在柏拉图的洞穴里,那为什么不享受错觉呢?

40 minutes

Original English: They were framed with this amazing soft indirect lighting. They made us love going to the bathroom.
Reformulated for translation: The bathroom lights over the sink were actually behind the mirror and this cast a soft indirect light that seemed to erase all the wrinkles on our faces. The mirrors made us love going to the bathroom.
Chinese Translation: 浴室水槽上的灯其实是在镜子后面。灯光投射出柔和的间接光线, 似乎抹去了我们脸上所有的皱纹。镜子让我们喜欢去洗手间。

30 minutes

I'm translating from English to Chinese a story I wrote about some hotel bathroom mirrors that take ten years off your face. I started the translation with the last Hacking Challenge, but never finished it. So, today I am working on translating this sentence: "They were framed with this amazing soft indirect lighting." I rephrased this in several sub-ideas and this is what I got done in 30 minutes: The mirror frame 镜框 jìngkuàng
Bathroom lights over the sink - 浴室水槽上的灯 yù shì shuǐ cáo shàng de dēng
They were actually behind the mirror. 他们其实是在镜子后面。tā men qí shí shì zài jìng zi hòu mian。

Challenge time progress:100%
Goal progress:103.5%
Hours reported13.46