in Writing challenge, March 2019

60 minutes

Story of 250 characters about buying new glasses.

15 minutes

Short story of 80 characters about a USB organizer.

40 minutes

Wrote a short story (220 characters) about a device that spontaneously started beeping in my house. It turned out to be a smoke detector that I hadn't connected yet. Will be checked monday or the week after.

45 minutes

Wrote a story about a microbes killing robot (for beds in hotel rooms) I bought on Kickstarter. The subject was a bit difficult. I fear I used a lot of wrong words, but we'll see on monday.

60 minutes

Wrote a story (of 350 characters) about the mother of my best friend, who gave me some (old) books. Unfortunately, I left them in a plastic bag for 2 years, and by then the stench of mildew was unbearable :-). It will be checked for errors by a Chinese person on Monday.

45 minutes

Wrote a short piece of 250 characters (intended for WeChat) about a weird eye problem which is caused by wine (sulphite). Now I found a wine purifier, and it works. Will be corrected next monday.

30 minutes

Wrote a short story of about 200 characters about when I went to work and forgot my company card. Because I choose subjects which may be above my level (somewhere between HSK 4 and 5), I have to regularly search for the correct word or expression. This time for example I used 天地良心, which was completely new to me. I had the story checked by a Chinese person, there were about 10 mistakes in it. E.g., I had translated guard as 卫兵, but it should be 保安. The hostess at the front desk should be 接待员, and not 主人 (my choice).

Challenge time progress:100%
Goal progress:82.0%
Hours reported4.92