in Writing challenge, March 2019

30 minutes

I missed a day, or has it been two, I'm not sure? And if it wasn't for this challenge, it'd definitely now be three. I'm at a low ebb. For the longest time, I just don't seem to have made any progress at all. Tonight was just about not giving up, literally putting all my faith on the line.

30 minutes

Wrote a short summary of an article, using some keywords I jotted down. I'm not worrying about accuracy or grammar. I'm just trying to get something down on paper.

15 minutes

A short diary entry about my day. I just tried to keep my pen moving, writing down whatever popped into my head without looking up any words or stopping to think about the grammar.

30 minutes

Wrote a short summary of an article. After reading I jotted down a few keywords. Then wrote my summary using the keywords to keep me on track.

Challenge time progress:100%
Goal progress:17.5%
Hours reported1.75