in Translation challenge, August 2020

20 minutes

I continue translating newspieces into Chinese.

25 minutes

I continued the news piece about airlines I was translating from Spanish to Chinese.

20 minutes

I translated news from Spanish to Chinese. Difficulties are two: very different grammar patterns, and the fact that I cannot adjust the tone from informal to written neutral.

16 minutes

I start transating the story Marx enters the Confucian temple into Spanish. There is som old fashioned words that make things difficult. I think I will stick to this piece so I can build in the vocabulary I'm learning.

15 minutes

I translated a paragraph on a article in The Paper about the 地摊经济。It's been hard a I'm not focused in the task, but I think I prefer to do a bit of work everyday. I learnt the word 地摊 which is nice as it is relevant to current China life.

15 minutes

I'm exploring different styles yet. I chose a excerpt from Fang Fang's Wuhan diary into Spanish. There are some literary elements that have been difficult, but the descriptions of everyday life are ok.

19 minutes

Translated from Chinese to Spanish. First paragraph on an article on
Many such articles often seem out of reach but when read carefully I only found I only needed to look up one or two key words per sentence. I notice the difference between written and spoken Chinese.

18 minutes

Translation from Chinese to Spanish of Xu Zhimo poem 偶然. It's a very short text but it's complex as it has to sound nice in Spanish as well. Also, there was a few old fashioned expressions I had to check.

Challenge time progress:100%
Goal progress:30.9%
Hours reported2.47