in Translation challenge, August 2020

15 minutes

On 08/19/20, I opened up a Newbie lesson in Du Chinese. Instead of automatically reading the English translation above the Chinese text, I screenshot the Chinese text and translated it into English myself. It was a good exercise for identifying character, using context clues and reading comprehension.

7 minutes

On 08/18/20, I translated 2 short dialogues from Lesson 1 of the Integrated Chinese textbook. Then I reviewed the Chinese version in the textbook and corrected my mistakes. Gotta remember that titles like "xiaojie" and "xiansheng" go after the person's family name, just like a teacher (e.g. Chen laoshi).

12 minutes

On 8/14/20, I translated dialogue between a student and teacher. The student was trying to schedule office hours with the teacher. My teacher checked my answers. I'm learning a lot through English-to-Chinese translation. I really have to remember the vocabulary I just learned and try my best if I don't remember a word or structure correctly—just like in real life.

10 minutes

On 08/13/20, I verbally translated dialogues about hobbies and making plans with friends.

60 minutes

On 08/11/2020, I spent about an hour researching and writing translations of English sentences in my textbook without looking at the Chinese first. Reading wikis and watching videos about how to use "le" to express completion of actions and how to use "cai" to express "until" or something was done late took the most time. I'm not sure if I should count research time or just translation time. What do you guys think? Also, should I count the translations I do in class?

Challenge time progress:100%
Goal progress:43.5%
Hours reported1.74