in Vocabulary challenge, October 2020

17 minutes

Chugging along

Sometimes that is just what we gotta do. Was in a similar spot in 2018 with over 3k reviews in the queue FOREVER. Took months, but I fought them down, and I’ve kept them low ever since. Keep at it, Daniel!

60 minutes

Haven't been good about reporting progress. Down to backlog of 5.5k

35 minutes

Solid day down to 6482 with 782 reviews for the day. Lion share of that is not writing.

15 minutes

Uggh today was busy and didn't get my full time. down to 6963 and did 289 reviews. most of that was tones/defn/pinyin, didn't get alot of writing. I like splitting them up but didn't manage to make it back to skritter for the writing.

40 minutes

Down to 7084 backlog. Did 550 reviews. Feels great to really get back into this backlog. Hoping I can be close to caught up by the end of the challenge.

26 minutes

Chugging along. 479 reviews and backlog down to 7528

28 minutes

chugging. this week was hard.
446 reviews. backlog is down to 7903.

20 minutes

This was the mon-wed. That I did but didn't get reported here. ugg. busy work week.

Ha! Yeah. Studying as a working person is tough & relatable. I often wish I'd had the idea of learning Mandarin when I was a full-time student! Looks like you're covering a lot of ground with those reviews though. Nicely done!

32 minutes

Some extra from last night and today's session. Excited to be chewing through backlog at an accelerated rate.

26 minutes

The non writing part of my skritter practice

Challenge time progress:100%
Goal progress:41.4%
Hours reported4.97