in Vocabulary challenge, October 2020

231 minutes

Finished! I won't do this again! I took this to seriously and it took all of the fun out of it. SORRY

Amazing finish. Way to take the top spot!

Hi Jake, My concern is that I was unfairly being singled out, since my "Epic" performance, was no epic at all, considering it was less than that of another competitor a week before. (8.6 hrs. Oct.25) If my name was in the hat for the selections process, then no harm done.

Wasn't trying to single you out. I was reacting in the moment to the 540-minute number you posted, which I still think is epic. I know you're not alone in posting high numbers, I was just a bit thrown off by your study routine comment and didn't realize that you were talking about before the challenge. Sorry! I was genuinely curious, as a fellow participant in the challenge. I should have asked more specific questions like, what apps are you using, how do you like them, and do you think it is something you could see yourself doing even 2-3 hours a day regularly after the challenge. I realize now that it might not have been viewed that way since I'm also a representative of Skritter. Apologies if my comments were taken in the wrong way. Wasn't trying to play police or gatekeeper. Personally, I think the longest SRS session I've done was like 2-3 hours and by the end, I wanted to quit SRS forever.

@Olle is the challenge runner...I'm just putting up the prizes, and trying to cheer people on :) :) And, as someone who has burned out on studying Chinese before, I was reacting as an individual.

Thanks Jake. Next time we'll both do better!

I don't want to disclose exactly how I decide who is active in a challenge, but you certainly qualify as being active in this one. However, the prizes are distributed randomly, so studying 100 hours doesn't make you more likely to win than someone that studies 50, provided that both are included in the "active participants", of course! The winners will be announced in the video we'll make this week, but I'll be responsible for drawing the names from the virtual hat, as it were!

415 minutes

Not a good day (productivity wise) I added too many new words yesterday, and had to pay the price, but we're almost done. :)

510 minutes

CLEARED my queue after 5 days. 很高兴啊。

8.5 hours in a single day?!?! That’s insane

8.5 hours in a single day?!?! That’s insane

Hi Jake. All of my friends and neighbors say the same thing to me ever since I began my "QUEST" to learn Chinese. Before the challenge started, I usually spent 10 - 15 hours a day doing some sort of Chinese. I sleep listening to Chinese, I cancelled my cable tv and hooked upa Chinese box (125 Chinese channels) and subscribe to several U-Tube Chinese videos, not to mention attending 2 Chinese online classes three nights a week and participate in 3 or 4 Chinese Meetup groups for a couple of hours each. So, 8 1/2 hours is not all that a big a deal, but the focus is a killer for my eyes. All that time in front of the computer is rough. Normally, I would take a few hours break and watch some Chinese Cartoons. Don't worry, this is almost over and I can get back to my 10+ hour a day routine :)

Least I forget, I also have a language partner an hour a day 7 days a week :)

Sorry, I need to clarify. I don’t find spending 8.5 hours in TL insane at all. That’s just awesome if you can do it, especially if you don’t live in a place where TL is spoken all around you. In Taiwan and China, for example, nearly even waking minute of TL exposure was easy, these days... not so much. I’m wondering if you legit spent 8.5 hours doing vocabulary related study in a single day. So like, SRS reviews for 8.5 hours. Not reading, listening, or speaking, but SRS or similar vocabulary related studying. That’s the spirit of the challenge after all, so this number just seems totally epic if that is the case. Also, it seems like a poor use of time if this is all spent doing SRS. Language is about much more than just vocabulary in a vacuum. So, if you are doing this regularly, I’d recommend switching it up and checking your results after a month or so. Invest those same hours in extensive reading, extensive listening (active, not passive), extensive writing, etc. and you’ll see super gains comparatively. Also, I understand that this kind of push could be to end the challenge strong. If so, mad props. I’m not trying to judge how one spends time. Just offering some friendly advice as someone who’s spent well over 10,000 hours living with this language. As the saying goes, 活到老學到老,還有三分學不到. Always more to learn, but burnout is a real thing, and it’s important to have healthy, sustainable, balanced goals. Congrats on the massive amount of time invested this month learning Chinese. Sounds like your teacher is seeing progress, too. Wahoo!!!!!

482 minutes

I don't think this will ever end, i.e. the reviews. My conspiracy theory still makes sense. My queue hasn't bee cleared for a couple of days.

294 minutes

My mind and body are falling apart. At one point, I was down to 205 reviews, and after a ten minute review my total was 271.

10 minutes

My eyes look like an add for a Visine commerical.

432 minutes

I'm going blind. Spending entirely too much time on the computer. On the bright side my teacher said I was improving. :)

297 minutes

Today was a mess, couldn't remember anything, when it was all over, I still had almost 200 reviews to do, they were adding almost as quickly as I could go. :(

488 minutes

This is a never ending process, when I reach the end of my queue, they (the S/R Gods) just add more words. Little reward for so much effort.

220 minutes

After 5 days, I finally cleared my queue. :)

Well done Malaili!!

238 minutes

This never ends does it? I finished my queue, and in order to keep going I had to enter NEW/more/words. (165) :(

340 minutes


284 minutes

I'm going nowhere Fast. I haven't been able to clear my queue for the last 4 days.

276 minutes

Trying to clear my reviews. Adding new words slows things down. I think S/R is a conspiracy. Wasting time is a lot easier:)

220 minutes

HackChinese S/R

211 minutes

S/R is a never ending cycle. You catch up/add new words i.e. more reviews/. I think my butt is glued to this chair.

332 minutes

I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. I hope it isn't an oncoming train. :)

230 minutes

This was a lot of work, and very little reward.

10 minutes

A few extra reviews :)

200 minutes

Shot myself in the foot i think, added 45 new words. the subsequent reviews will be the death of me.

It's tricky to hit that sweet spot between the excitement of learning new stuff and reviewing old stuff. With the amount of time you're logging, I'm sure you can tackle it though. Looking good!

220 minutes

S/R finally got through all of my reviews. It wasn't easy!

180 minutes

This is tough, I haven't cleared my reviews since the challenge started. :(

130 minutes

S/R Very slow going

Even with slow-going, I bet you'll see an awesome return from the amount of time you're investing. Keep up the good work!

170 minutes

S/R 1000+ vocabulary VERY tough

122 minutes

S/R 1000+ vocabulary

Challenge time progress:100%
Goal progress:218.1%
Hours reported109.04