in Vocabulary challenge, October 2020

47 minutes

Tested and reviewed this week's vocab. I'm finding that the meanings are sticking. I think it helps that I read them in context and the characters are somewhat familiar. Mined vocab from the first few paragraphs of "Little Chu".

50 minutes

Two sessions of 25. Another chapter of “Family" and breakdown and review of vocabulary. I also looked over yesterday's vocabulary, which I am glad to have not forgotten. I'm going to doing some writing and practise using them tomorrow.

43 minutes

Today I read a chapter from BaJin's family, lifting unfamiliar vocab as I went along. When finished went through the vocab, broken down the meaning and the characters. Enjoying the story so far and got useful vocab for my own story writing.

21 minutes

Mined an article and its comments for vocab.

39 minutes

More reviews. I would like to work on adding and reviewing new vocabulary from a novel I'm reading, but I think I will wait until later on in the week.

27 minutes

I went back to Memrise to review some vocabulary. I have quite a few that I may need to break down and relearn.

27 minutes

Twenty-seven minutes seems to be my sweet spot for vocab study before losing focus. Did another Memrise (speed) review. I think I have about 1000 words to go over. Not really sure. I'm going to double-check that number tomorrow.

30 minutes

Transcribed a video and any word I stumbled upon, I looked it up, broke it down into its component parts and practised writing it. I think I will need to review tomorrow.

60 minutes

Worked on breaking down the meaning of some idiomatic expressions heard today on 《演员请就位2》(checked Baidu if necessary). Also worked on example sentences using words from my vocabulary book. I wish I could've worked through more words, but I'm quite satisfied that I can write and use the words and phrases that I worked on, which is progress, I guess.

Challenge time progress:100%
Goal progress:57.3%
Hours reported5.73