in Vocabulary challenge, October 2020

240 minutes

I was all over the place today, but I focused on the characters I couldn't grasp well from the day before (latte and espresso), reviewed words from the day before, and I learned a few new characters such as hot chocolate, mocha, and sore throat (suffering from one today 😬). It's amazing how long it takes to learn one character, but it's very satisfying work 😂. Also, creating crazy mnemonics for these characters is fun too.

180 minutes

According to Skritter, I reviewed only 13 minutes, but I definitely studied much longer than that 😩. So confusing.

Only reviews are counted on the Progress screen at the moment. And, each item has a max cap of 30-seconds due to a legacy decision when Skritter was 100% browser based. Learning activities and testing activities are also not tracked for time spent. We are working to improve this in the 3.6.0 release. This is a really tricky thing to get correct and make everyone happy, so what you’re doing at the moment is the best. Make a note of real time spent doing what you’re doing and report it for the challenge :)

240 minutes

I studied 28 words and 16 characters from these Skritter decks: Integrated Chinese 1&2, Ordering Coffee, and Chinese 101. I notice that studying so many words in one day is a bit much, so I will likely have to cut it down to 20. Also, the reviews took me about 44 minutes, and I'm not sure how long the test took. I look forward to day 2!

Challenge time progress:100%
Goal progress:137.5%
Hours reported11.0