in Reading challenge, November 2020

10 minutes

More TCB. Found myself tripping up over 人心疼 - sometimes it's hard to identify which characters go together as words and which are standalone words!

20 minutes

Last day of the challenge! I won't complete my goal but I will continue nevertheless :)
20 minutes this morning studying articles on TCB. New word = 眼前 = before one's eyes. Always nice when you come across a word where you understand the component parts so it makes sense comfortably!!

30 minutes

An easy pleco ebook. Have definitely felt my reading get a lot more fluid this challenge so really happy :) :)

40 minutes

Today, 40 minutes studying simple sentences at a HSK2 ~ish level

20 minutes

10 minutes reading simple sentences.
Was my first time seeing "天知道..." for "God knows..."
Also, don't know if this counts, but I'm also logging another 10 minutes for talking to my friend from Beijing on HelloTalk :) one thing he said was "你的家人没事吗" for "is your family OK" (with the context of covid). I haven't seen 没事 to mean "safe/out of harm's way" before!

50 minutes

Yesterday's progress and some of today's. Mainly studying simple sentences, plus a bit of a pleco ebook.
Apparently you can say 他人呢?to mean "where is he going?" - better to not directly translate in my head because it doesn't make much sense in English!

25 minutes

Studying simple sentences. I also learned the phrase 山外有山 - literally translated to "there are mountains beyond the mountains", but used to mean "be modest, there will always be someone better than you" Interesting!

60 minutes

I spend 10 minutes reading an article on TCB that was great because I understood 95% with no trouble at all :)
Then 50 minutes spent experiencing the wordswing Escape game for the first time. Such a cool idea! Just the nouns that were tripping me up a lot because it was unfamiliar vocab.

45 minutes

Collating 3 15-min sessions for the sake of not spamming with activities
1st - 15 minutes reading a TCB article
new word - 肉汤 - broth!
2nd - 15 minutes reading basic sentences
new grammar - 他是昨天去的 - It was yesterday that he came (colloquial)
3rd - 15m reading the start of a Pleco breakthrough graded reader. I thought my vocab was getting quite good but I'm constantly tapping :/
new word - 爱国 - patriotic (makes complete sense!)
能干 - capable/competent

15 minutes

First mini session of the day. Going through very basic (HSK1) sentences. My vocab is more like a HSK3 level, but it's interesting how I still have unfamiliar grammar concepts even in the most simple texts. In this session I came across
她在生你的气 - She is mad at you
生[person]的气 isn't a structure I have come across before.

10 minutes

Another short session using DuShu. A new word I came across this time was 恭喜 - congratulations!

10 minutes

I'm doing a number of short reading sessions throughout the day (because I am also meant to be working!)
This one was reading part of a simple article on DuShu. A new phrase I learnt was "就是说..." - which means "that is to say..." or "in other words..." :)

30 minutes

Logging yesterday's progress. Did some reading from TCB, and saving new vocab on Pleco.

Challenge time progress:100%
Goal progress:60.9%
Hours reported6.09