in Reading challenge, November 2020

15 minutes

This story was interesting. It kept track of how many materials I had based off of my choices.

20 minutes
17 minutes

I read a story I already know in English so I could follow the storyline and learn some new characters.

15 minutes

I read a book where I was trying to visit my uncle's friend who is in the hospital, and for some reason (which I assume has to do something with the fact that the description of the book says that my life is linked to the cats) my mom insisted that I brought the cat with me - and wouldn't drop it even if I chose the option where I don't bring the cat.

15 minutes

I read a book where I was a zoo assistant and my boss suddenly decided to tell me that all the animals talked.

10 minutes

I was an artists assistant who was helping their art teacher find his grandmas friend who got sucked into a painting, I think.

15 minutes

I was in a burning boarding school apartment with a fire alarm that wasn't working. I accidentally hit a button on my mouse that made me go back to the main website but, lucky for me, it saved my progress. There was an option that kept coming up, "Would you like to finish your Chinese homework?" (Of course it was in Chinese, though).

15 minutes

I'm interested to see how it turns out. It seems all over the place, at first this character was at a dance party..... then a bank gets robbed.

13 minutes

I read a murder mystery. I didn't get to the climax point, I was a policeman and (because I'm not trained) I prolonged the setup.

Challenge time progress:100%
Goal progress:75.0%
Hours reported2.25