in Reading challenge, November 2020

40 minutes

I've decided to buy DuChinese premium. The pleasure of REAL extensive reading is great! I've started a short story "Witches' Loaves" and read 4 (short) chapters straight! What a relief in comparison to the level of the manga that I was reading before. I will continue with bite-sized portions from DuChinese water the challenge.

10 minutes

Read a free story on DuChinese on master level - 什麼說大話就”吹牛”呢?Quite a few new words.

20 minutes

2 more stories from DuChinese
- 銀行門口的石獅子 (intermediate)
- 中國綜藝節目 (upper intermediate)

15 minutes

Started the third story from manga 龍可愛的七個孩子。
This one is about a fish-god of the river and a girl who tries to help it out.

50 minutes

2 pomodoro in the morning. The second story was about meeting a mermaid, but not in a romantic way, rather endangered species that looks like a human, but it's actually still an animal. And emotional problems people have with it. It was quite philosophic and left me in a specific mood.

50 minutes

I was reading early in the morning and I must say it wasn't that efficient since my brain shut down from time to time 😅 1 pomodoro is enough in the morning.
I also have 2 more thoughts after these first few days:
👉🏼 in the next challenges I shouldn't include weekends in my estimations. Now I don't have any room for a bad day or sth. If I skip a day my "required time for reading to reach the goal" will pile up, that's not the feeling that I want 🤨
👉🏼 I listened (again) to an episode of "you can learn Chinese" about extensive reading (with Olle as a guest!) and now I think the comic that I chose is still too hard. I get the meaning and all but there's still a lot of reading pain.

🔗link to the podcast if you're interested:

25 minutes

Finished the first story from 漫畫 "龍可愛的七個孩子”.

25 minutes
25 minutes

Continue reading 漫畫 “龍可愛的七個孩子。It will take a big chunk of my time in this challenge I guess. But I didn't expect that vocab from business Chinese will be off use when reading manga, I was wrong 😂

25 minutes

I plan to read 2 pomodoro (2x25min) each day, one in the morning and one in the evening. The morning one in already done, the evening once is about to begin 😁

25 minutes

Evening pomodoro done 💪
With this challenge I've finally got the motivation to read a comic book I bought in Taiwan, is a collection of 7 stories 龍可愛的七個孩子. There are quite a few words that I don't know and it's frustrating ofc, but I try not to look them up. Oh, what a satisfaction when it appears few times and I start to get the meaning naturally 😄

Challenge time progress:100%
Goal progress:32.4%
Hours reported5.18