in Reading challenge, November 2020

90 minutes

Reviewed the rainbow bridge readers level 1-3 that I didn't finish yesterday, and I made some flash cards out of the unknown words.

60 minutes

I've decided to re-read some RB0 and RB1 reader stories to remind myself of some vocabulary that I've missed the first time around, and it's good to be able to do some reading without having to checkup too many words to interrupt the flow.

300 minutes

I'm mostly done with the RB3 level readers, and am now reading "The Voluntary Hardships of King Goujian." I visited my in-laws who speak Cantonese but had some Mandarin newspapers, and tried reading some, but I really don't know that many proper nouns. I'm more familiar with conversational language. Eventually I'll try to learn more of the common proper nouns and be able to read/speak them. I like that the readers and some books underline the proper nouns and will sometimes just recognize the characters, such as 齊國 in my reader.

180 minutes

I've been a bit behind on recording progress. I finished the RB0 stories, and re-read them, and am now reading RB1: Magical Lotus Lantern. I also tried switching some of my frequently-used webpages in Chinese and temporarily reading them. For example, I've been doing the reverse language tree (Language: Chinese, Learning: English) in Duolingo, and initially I had been skipping most of the Chinese instructions because I've already read them in English, such as "Translate this sentence into English."

15 minutes

Resuming the Rainbow Bridge 0 Readers in Pleco. One of my favorite parts of these Rainbow Bridge readers is that it indicates more advanced words in colored characters, so that you can always go back to learn those words later instead of getting stuck on them. Also, proper nouns are underlined. Everything is on Pleco, so it's easy to make flashcards.

I bought these but haven't tried them yet. Any favourites?

They are on my reading list too. A very long list it is.

On my bucket list too. Can it run as a continuous audio file?

I try not to buy too many items because I've bought some barely-useful textbooks in the past, but I'm really looking forward to finishing all these stories someday! They are related to Chinese traditions and folktales, so I get to learn not only the Chinese language, but also the culture as well. Even though I'm at HSK4 level, I can still learn quite a bit from even the level 0 Readers, including familiarizing myself with historical names and places. I liked the "Cao Chong Elephant" and "Identifying Thief" stories, but I've only finished a few so far.

Thank you for your insight on it.

Also unfortunately you can't run it as a continuous audio file. To play audio, I have to first select the text on the page, and then click the audio icon on the top. This audio icon only shows after text has been selected. That would be nice if Pleco built that feature someday.

10 minutes

WordSwing Escape Game

Challenge time progress:100%
Goal progress:109.2%
Hours reported10.92