in Reading challenge, November 2020

30 minutes

Busy as all get out at work today (last day to turn things in for the term so every procrastinator has been coming out of the woodwork). Still managed to read a couple of easy readers during lunch break, and might (or might not) get a one more done before bed. Today read 蟋蟀 and 西門豹, both 0-level readers in Pleco. Almost finished all 20 (2 to go). looking forward to heading into the level 1 and 2 books tomorrow.

120 minutes

this is a rough estimate of the time spent on the 10th and 11th, before I enrolled in the challenge. I've been reading from the DuChinese app, and Pleco's Rainbow Bridge ebooks; I'm shooting low at the outset, plowing through all 20 of the 0 level books- helping them find the incorrect traditional characters that dot a few of the books. Plan to move on straight through to level 4 which is about at the edge of my comfort level.

Challenge time progress:100%
Goal progress:8.3%
Hours reported2.5