in Reading challenge, November 2020

15 minutes

i read about a child

15 minutes

I continued reading Emma and nothing really changed she is still having different thoughts about the boyfriend and yeah.

15 minutes

Iread chinese nursery rhymes.

90 minutes

So for this one i watched the entire train to Busan movie in chinese subtitles rather than english subtitles and it ws not korean subtitles. I already saw this movie so i could understand whats going on and this is my longest read because my teacher said you could watch movies in subtitles as long as you read them.

18 minutes

I read about emma and how she a 21st century fashion designer in Shanghai and how she was looking for a boyfriend for her friend and fell in love with that boy. I also read the chinese covid 19 safety posters and got a picture with them around our schools.

15 minutes

i read about a young boy that likes to solve mysteries and solves mysteries in the story including someone burning someone's stuff and a secret admirer who is sending love letter and solving who it is.

30 minutes

I read about a girl preparing for her plane trip he talked about how she was very nervous and i actually lost track of time during reading this story. I guess i enjoyed the book I did not finish though it was a long book.

8 minutes

i was a little bit distracted with a plastic bottle but continued reading about how a son was dancing with his mom

14 minutes

i read about dancing with someones mom in chinese very poggers.

15 minutes

i read about a white bear that went to the zoo and went shopping it was a fairly easy book

13 minutes

i read eggbert and guiseppe and they were both about eating things both of the characters strugged to find something that they liked to eat and cried about it a lot.

Challenge time progress:100%
Goal progress:103.3%
Hours reported4.13