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104 minutes

《同一屋檐下》 Caught up with the last two episodes. Wow. The castmates are just toooo cute.

37 minutes


68 minutes

凹呜狼人杀 [25 mins]
欢乐颂 12 [43 mins]

38 minutes


251 minutes

So yeah. I watched the first two episodes (week 1) of 《乘风破浪的姐姐2》. I was originally put off by the length of the episodes, but I really enjoyed the first season last year and didn't want to have to catch up if I fell behind.

It was nice to get to know the 30 participants because I only knew of 2 before watching.

85 minutes

文化土豆Culture Potato: 调戏易卜生的“玩偶之家”. I don't know much about Ibsen at all, although it seems like I really need to because the Chinese authors' books that I am reading were inspired by Ibsen. This episode gave me an insight into Ibsen and his works as well as “A Doll's House". [75 mins]

I'm always willing to watch reviews on "Bridgeton" because although I love the story at the beginning but gave up on it by the 7th episode because I was thoroughly annoyed, borderline angry. So of course, enjoy reviews to find people who agree with me, or find people who can persuade me to go back and finish it. Cue 又纯又 女主硬要老公?《柏捷顿》这幕到底可不可以? [10 mins]

12 minutes

日式口音VS韓式口音!這些英文單字居然在三種語言都通用?ft.@韓勾1金針姑 찐 쩐꾸on YT

35 minutes


77 minutes

"Rewatched" 奇葩说 EP00 Part 1. Had it in the background while on my studygram.

10 minutes

I listened to OH Chinese 耦!中文 Air Tonality - 各种神奇的闪光点 on part of my run.
Half of this episode was music, so I've halved the time for the purposes of the challenge.

74 minutes

173 心灵奇旅 Soul 淡淡的心灵鸡汤
大话说电影 Movies n Chats

24 minutes

网红No Filter 《我就是精神台湾人,只差护照了》。Listened to the second half of this episode.

44 minutes

同一屋檐下 Ep 8

88 minutes

Definitely falling out of the habit of tracking my listening here, but at least the listening still remains consistent.

Here's what I listened to yesterday (Thursday 21).

求求"郑爽们"别再曝瓜了 [7mins]
同一屋檐下 Ep 7 [43 mins]
凹呜狼人杀 [27 mins]
骂早了!少女感真不是《上阳赋》唯一糟点[11 mins]

I'm in 吃瓜 mode.

30 minutes

网红No Filter 《我就是精神台湾人,只差护照了》I've listened to the first half with the guest YouTuber 焦虑主妇Lia. I didn't know who she was before this, but after listening, I think she sounds kind of cool.

32 minutes

凹呜狼人杀 - half of it was in 太语 today


45 minutes

Finally up to date with 同一屋檐下 ! Looking forward to the next episode, whenever it comes out. (I should really check when that is.)

20 minutes

《凹呜狼人杀》It was to a short game today.

93 minutes

《凹呜狼人杀》【23 mins】
《姐妹们的茶话会》【70 mins】
I really enjoy watching these shows just generally, but these days I have been on the new phrases and vocab. Also intonation, I guess. Sometimes I just like how someone says sth.

Yes, speaking just to imitate one specific sentence it's one big motivation. I like to speak Chinese to add a lot of -a and -o to my sentences since I can hardly do that in other languages haha

haha yes, I love that! It feels fun and playful, which of course brings more joy to the learning experience.

35 minutes

Continued with 《同一屋檐下》, spent the whole time laughing out how sweet it was. It was sickly sweet. And I'm now 100 percent sure it belongs in the “constructed reality" section. Emphasis on CONSTRUCTED

105 minutes

3 x 35 mins of "Ladies' Talk" 《姐妹们的茶话会》.

20 minutes

Last week I listened to the second episode of Redirect 定向跳转. Today I decided to watch the 哔哩哔哩跨年会 so that I can have more context before going back to listen to the podcast episode again. I have watched the first part [80minutes] but am registering the time as less because the show was mainly full of performances in this segment and not really a lot of speaking.

48 minutes

The first and second episode of Carmen Sandiego《大神偷卡门》on Netflix.

40 minutes

《凹呜狼人杀》 [14mins]
邱锋泽MV Reaction video [10 mins]
声东击西:#146 我们对摄影的那些误解和偏见 [16/65 min] coming back for the rest tomorrow.
The guest of this episode is a photojournalist. He spoke of his experiences and how he got into photojournalism and how he was able to see the world in a different way to attract mass attention and accolades and this is someone who didn't get into photography until his third year of uni, which I thought was kinda interesting.

43 minutes

Fourth episode of 《同一屋檐下》. This definitely had more of a "constructed reality" vibe than the previous episodes, but I still like it. Especially the panel discussions of what is going on.

85 minutes

娱乐百分百 《凹呜狼人杀》[29mins]. I like Werewolf too much. I'm still a little bit slow following the “logic" of the players, but then again, maybe that's the point.

This evening, I got my mother into the third episode of 《同一屋檐下》[56mins]. I have even contemplated how I'm going to approach strangers on Weibo to discuss this show (although I'll probably be too shy but also one of the participants seems to have attracted a lot of hate, which I definitely do not want to be a part of)...I'll figure it out.

I guess one of the good things about having my mother with me was because there aren't any English subtitles available I had to "interpret" as we went along which was kind of fun. I did have to pause sometimes when I missed something or for general discussion.

This show is so enjoyable for me.
p.s. I have been noting down vocab and phrases that I like or will find useful, e.g.你这就差把“我有事”三个字写脸上……

11 minutes

Now admitting to spending too much time on Weibo. 网不红萌叔Joey had a video on ration packs for the military. He tried ration packs from South Korea, the USA, Russia, and China. The South Korean one looked really good: rice and kimchi.


51 minutes

In the quest to find out more about 《同一屋檐下》, I followed most of the cast and Weibo and saw that one of them held a Livestream event, so of course, I watched. JinJin spoke about her castmates, her style, life in Korea, advice if you want to be a model, relationships and makeup.

50 minutes

Yup. I went onto the second episode of 《同一屋檐下》. I think I want to catch up so that I can get involved in Weibo and YT discussions as things unfold in real-time.

58 minutes

Thanks to YT recommendation, I am onto 《同一屋檐下》. It kind of reminds me of “Heart Signal" but this isn't based on finding love, instead we get to see 6 under-30s living together in a fancy house in Shanghai as they try to live their lives. Episode 1 and there is already a "clash " of personalities. I didn't expect to like this show so much. Not only does it make me miss Shanghai, but I also have found myself laughing out loud and genuinely gasping at some of the shenanigans going on. I'm going to try and catch up over the next few days.

74 minutes

网红No Filter: 在演艺圈被说你“这种人”能做什么?UNLOCK你不知道的辛酸 - 小赖
Xiao Lai spoke about his journey into the entertainment industry, how disparaging comments from his peers spur him on to surpass them and how he wants to uplift other artists that are like him and don't fit the mould.

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