in Listening challenge, January 2021

90 minutes

Du Chinese Story (Can Money Buy Everything?), Immersive Mandarin (Lesson 20), Mandarin Monkey podcast #176 (The Interview)

10 minutes

Forgot that I listened to some old Du Chinese stories today too!

20 minutes

Latest episode of Chillchat S2 E2.

90 minutes

Mandarin Monkey podcast #175 (time adjusted) + slow version of story excerpted from podcast; Immersive Chinese Lesson 17 & 18 + review of earlier lessons

60 minutes

Podcast day! Mandarin Monkey episode 175, Chillchat S2EP1

70 minutes

Listened to Du Chinese stories and a couple ChinesePod episodes (discounted in length since the early ones are half English or more!). Slowing down on LCTS this month. Thinking I'll return to that when I'm a little more advanced.

30 minutes

Listened to a little bit of a lot... some LCTS, some Chillchat, and some China Radio International. But I woke up at 5 am for work and my brain is now mush. 我很累啊!

80 minutes

Watched more 小小 stories on LCTS, then 黑人在北京当足球教练竟能用汉字写训练计划 ( and "The ox who thought it was a sheep" ( and about half of "Beginner Chinese Conversation With 100 Sentence Starters" on Mandarin Corner ( How does Eileen cover all those examples while still managing to smile??? Amazing.

90 minutes

Listened to & mined for vocab two LCTS episodes:
* 中文小故事《小小的感恩节》Chinese mini story "Xiaoxiao's Thanksgiving day" -
* 中文小故事《小小……了》Chinese mini story "Xiaoxiao...le" -

Also listened to Immersive Chinese Lesson 17 and the Jan. 9, 2021 episode of Chillchat (Greeting & Chitchatting).

30 minutes

Listened to Learning Chinese Through Stories 1.2.6《兔子和黑熊》several times. First time through, I just enjoyed it. Second time through, I added some unfamiliar vocab into Pleco cards. Third time through, I closed my eyes and just listened. It's probably pretty basic for most learners, but it's excellent comprehensible input for me. (We are where we are, right? :)

Here's the video:
If you want the transcript, you could join me in supporting their great work via Patreon! :)

If you enjoy the cute animal video thing, you should also check out Diane Neubauer's super-fun beginner-friendly videos about her chickens here:

51 minutes

More LCTS listening (episodes below) and Immersive Chinese lesson 16 (今天,明天,走,时候,来).
- 1.2.6《兔子和黑熊》
- 1.2.7《萱萱在干什么呢?》

Challenge time progress:100%
Goal progress:69.0%
Hours reported10.35