in Listening challenge, January 2021

140 minutes

Reporting progress over the past 10 days: 20 mins of Chinese music every other day (100 mins total), watched one episode of a Chinese show (40 minutes)..... not much. I fail this challenge...

132 minutes

Yesterday I watched two episodes of a Chinese TV show (80 minutes, I'll count), and today I listened to Chinese music (20 mins), watched half of a TV show (30 minutes), and listened to some game Chinese dialogues (2 minutes).

35 minutes

I watched a video on coursera, answered questions related to that, wrote in my notebook (only listened to 15 minutes of dialogue, words) and I also listened to Chinese music (20 minutes).

80 minutes

Oh, I also watched 2 episodes of a new Chinese TV show. Both episodes are 1-hour long, but I skipped a few scenes. Hehe.

150 minutes

Reporting for the past 3 days: I listened to a lot of Chinese pop music (through the Discord server and on YouTube), that I've picked 10 good sounding songs (which is like a fraction of what I actually listened), and then I watched a couple of random videos (through LearnwithOliver site), and I also listened to a podcast (finished one episode, started a new one).

340 minutes

I watched two random videos accessed through (a wonderful free website!), and watched 9 episodes of Fights Break Sphere so far this month (I'm adding all the episodes since I'm joining this challenge late). Out of those 9 episodes, I probably heard 5 hours of Chinese (I skip the fighting scenes). I think out of those 5 hours, I spent 3 hours using the shadowing technique (repeating what you hear). Sometimes I paused the show and wrote out phrases. I also tried watching another show since Fights Break Sphere is historical. The second TV show is called Night of the Comet, but I only watched 2 episodes since it wasn't so interesting (30 minutes).

Challenge time progress:100%
Goal progress:58.4%
Hours reported14.61